Transplanting peonies

kathieloJuly 7, 2012

This is a photo of one of my peonies that I will be moving/dividing this fall.

Can anyone identify the type of peony it is? Just curious as I had no clue what I was buying when I did buy it. I was too new to peonies to know that there were many different varieties.

Is there anything I should know now to prepare the bed it will be moved to?

Any one piece of advice I should have before I dig up this plant. It is huge and actually there are three of them. I can see where the plant has multiplies and I think it should be a relatively easy dig.

Any help would be appreciated.

TIA Kathie

Not sure if I did the photo correctly. Hope it works, it has been awhile since I posted a picture./

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Lauren Devonshire

Your photo is just beautiful!I hope someone shares any advice about the plants. I also have to transplant some of these plants but I would like to do it now. I know that this is Not the right time to. Hot and no rain.

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Your peony photo is stunning! Some advice I can share is to dig the holes now for where you plan to move the peonies to.
When it gets cooler in the fall, move them into those holes. The new eyes won't sink too deeply below the looses soil because the holes will have had time to settle in. It works every time in our display gardens. We haven't lost any yet or planted any too deep.

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Thanks to you both. That's a good idea to dig the holes now. I'm going to try it. How deep would you suggest I dig them?I have a feeling I'm going to have quite a few pieces. Would you suggest I scatter the pieces within a relatively big circle or should I plant a few pieces in several smaller circles.

Have you heard anything about peonies liking wood ash mixed in the soil? I read that when I was first planting these . I went up to our local municipal burn pile and gathered some ashes. It seems to have worked.

Anyone know what kind of peony I have. I never knew what I bought...I was just happy to have a much bigger yard to create gardens , having just built the house at the time. I didn't read the tag. They are about 12-13 years old. And bloom the first week of June. Over the years we invariably have gotten either heavy rains or too much heat for them. So they have to be propped up. That is another reason I have to divide them as well.

Is there a variety of peony that has a stronger stem? It is crazy that such a big beautiful bloom grows on such a weak stem.

I really love these plants though. Thanks for the compliments.

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