Passionfruit in South Florida

mango_kushFebruary 4, 2010


im currently growing "purple possum", 2 "yellow sunrise" and "giant granadilla" all spaced about 6 feet from each other.

the purple has turned into a tree trunk providing great coverage. flowers but no fruit yet

the yellow looks very weak. the stems are brown and the purple has grown above it. they each have one thin branch, im not sure how long it is or how much foliage is on it. it seems like they are overwatered, i wonder if they will make it through the rainy spring here.

the giant granadill doesnt look so healthy either, it was planted in the fall and survived a cold winter though.

i will take pics tomorrow, i didnt get a chance to while the sun was still out

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Hi there,

I am not sure I understand what your question is. Can you post the pics you mentioned, and rephrase your intentions?

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wilmington_islander(9A/Sunset 28)

unless you have them on a trellis or a clothese line...they are too close together. My Purple possum turned into a 50 foot monster.

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