black walnut trees

seydouxJuly 6, 2012

We have recently purchased a few acre property in West Chester. The property has a significant grape vine problem. We read that black walnut trees kill these. I would love to plant a few in the wooded area. Any idea where i could buy them in this area. Obviously not in Bucks county due to the quarentine, but I am willing to drive a few miles to get them.

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Mike Larkin

We read that black walnut trees kill these.
....yes and many other plants too.
Black walnut tree are messy, not very attractive and there are many other ornamental trees and shrubs that will not grow in their root zone. Getting rid of one troublesome plant with another troublesome plant may not be the best choice.
You dont find any black walnuts for sale in nurseries because they are not a great plant to grow in your yard and it will take years to yield their impact on the grapes..

Try cutting the grape vines. Maybe do a little at a time. I am not a fan of Round up - but it may be a better choice.


Here is a link that might be useful: ohio help

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