Could it all be a conspiracy?

silversword(9A)April 24, 2013

Be careful with an open mind, your brains might fall out...

I am not a conspiracy nut. I believe crop circles were made from Laura Bush's cocktail glass like every reasonable person. But I'm teetering on the edge of disbelief. Something is ringing in the wrong chord. It's off. Something is off. When I saw cowboy hat-man go running with a wheelchair it started ringing louder. Double amputee? Holding his own leg? No blood on cowboy-man? And boy, what a backstory CB-man has! And double amputee guy (who is coherent, stable, good color) just happens to also identify the bombers?

I'm interested in opinions. I know some can't watch video. Jodi, I recommend you find a friend with a good internet connection. I don't want to believe this could possibly be true.

Check the video around 8 minutes. I truly do not understand. Please help me understand.

Here is a link that might be useful: It's long, and it's strong....

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I watched about 3 minutes then advanced to 7 - 9. What a bunch of b.s.. Disgusting really, to try to make a political point on others suffering.

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This is beyond stupid!!!

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Didn't watch all of it, but in the world of equivalencies, my gut puts that one right up there with's offering that a missile strike was responsible for the West, TX fertilizer plant explosion.

It states that "common sense" should tell us that only a missile could create a crater like that. Or maybe it was a bomb. Or... Yadda yadda.

But their video goes on to say that a very distinct sound can be heard right before the blast indicating that some sort of object traveling at a very high rate of speed was fired into the area. (It's so nuts, I won't link.)

How sad this crap is for all the innocents caught up in events. Sad, too, for those who want to believe that nothing can possibly play out in its own reality.

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I don't think it is "stupid" to question official statements, especially when they contradict themselves .... thus leading to IMO conspiracy theories.

Read carefully and tell me what "does not make sense" in the following statement by "authorities"? And also the FBI is incompetent with the ricin letters, but not to be questioned in this case? Talk about a contradiction.

Quote: WASHINGTON -- Two U.S. officials say investigators in the Boston bombings have recovered only one handgun believed to have been used in a gun battle with police.

One official said the serial number on what they described as a 9 mm pistol was scratched off. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss details of the investigation still in progress.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis says over 250 rounds were fired in the shootout. Police said the men also used explosives. Davis said shots were fired from the boat where Tsarnaev was found. It wasn't clear whether he was armed when he was captured.

Oh and for those who say the "authorities" did not fire on the boat, not according to the boat's owner and the pictures online ... anyone who watched the overhead view could see the "body" jumping and the suspect has wounds that, at least make me question how he was able to escape on foot when just about every part of his body was hit by bullets.

Jump frog ...

Edited to add:

Andrew Kitzenberg photographed the shootout (yes there was one) from his window overlooking the scene and uploaded them online, not once did he mention that the younger brother ran over his older brother, yet this is reported and accepted as fact. He also said the two suspects had two cars.

Here is a link that might be useful: linky dinky

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Watched it into the part where they claim that Sandy Hook was staged, with actors hired to play the roles of grieving parents, and all I can say is


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Everything you Ever Knew is Wrong, Fire Sign Theater!
This kind of crap used to be great for trailer camp trailer with the most cats & the least litter pans! Now it bleeds into commercially supported media!
On a stupid level it's Glen Beck telling a false history of The Washington Monument on a painful level it's the truthers with their 911 BS & this stuff is just pure garbage!

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OP - I couldn't figure that out either. If I had just become a double amputee I would be passed out somewhere bleeding all over the place and not sitting upright in a wheelchair. HOWEVER - having never been in a war situation or a bombing situation I don;t know how I truly would react or how adrenalin would come into play.

FWIW - I do hate to doubt people and their intentions. I look at life through very rose-coloured glasses.

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Fine. I totally agree. It's out of bounds. But.

There are glaring discrepancies. See video link at 5:26 from Fox News. What are people supposed to discern from continuous "oopsies"?

"...these were the two actors... these were the two individuals"

Here is a link that might be useful: Fox News -

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There are countless examples in war of people surviving loss of limbs even after considerable time without attention.

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david52 Zone 6

I mean, right off the bat, they got in the Luciferian Mystery Schools and the Illuminati.

Illuminati, people! It was just this week that they've been identified on this very forum!

That can't be coincidence.

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Also, play out the web of control that would be required if the bombing were an enactment.

So the guy was a double amputee to start with? He walked there on prosthetics, then, or was carried? Either way, that would be on surveillance video. His parents agreed to pretend that he wasn't an amputee and that he had his legs blown off that Monday even when they knew he was, and he hadn't? Why? The surgeons agreed to pretend that he had his legs blown off when he hadn't? Why? It gets even more ridiculous when we start thinking about the machinations that would be required to fake the deaths if the bombing were a fake.

Why does anybody waste time with such illogic?

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Maybe all you conspiracy freaks should look at the whole video of the the kid in the wheel chair. I clicked on it and wished I hadn't. His leg was nothing but a bone below the knee. A raw bone. I am SOOOOOO sick of the Rightie's theories which are hogwash.

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"conspiracy freaks"

sorry I bothered you

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LOL silversword ... don't sweat the small stuff, and who knew I was a "rightie" for questioning the government, not like they ever lied to us in the past is it?

Those who preach tolerance tend to be a wee intolerant when someone dares to "step outside the box" . Me? I don't walk in lock step with anyone.

Don't care for the Alex Jones' of the world, but I sure don't care for folks who accept everything at face value because it fits in with their own beliefs ... like biased news shows, I can see them glued to the set "nodding their little heads".

This is just a little forum with a bunch of folks giving their opinions ... and you know what they say about "opinions" (^_^)

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Silver, I watched the part at 8 minutes, and the theory makes sense. I will stress that I am ot saying it's true, of course, Like I said the other day, we'll probably never know the truth, so much the gov't via the media tell us is theatre, IMO.

I'm more inclined to go along with Ohio: "I don't think it is "stupid" to question official statements, especially when they contradict themselves .... thus leading to IMO conspiracy theories," whom I am so glad to see, is neither in denial like so many sheeple nor lacking imagination. Watch out folks, like Silver said in the OP: "Be careful with an open mind, your brains might fall out... "

Goodness knows, no one is forcing you believe anything.

•Posted by lily316 z5PA (My Page) on Wed, Apr 24, 13 at 21:02

"Maybe all you conspiracy freaks should look..." Like that was vital to the discussion. That was sarcasm, BTW.

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I cant watch the video either but I can still be a voice for sanity-in an event like this all the official sources your get are regurges of what they have been told-the big wigs are not on the scene when the sh#t is coming down because it is not their job to be there-so they tell you what they have been told and then some hair head newsie recombines it into news and we hear about it...that none of it adds up should not be news to us since when you are reporting as it "happens' you are definitly going to reporting garbage. this is how conspiracy theories are generated. With "the best will in the world" as a dear old friend of mine used to say there are going to be discrepancies because the sources are not pure and no one is fact checking in a disaster. This is truth and will be too strong for some to internalize.

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I'm not worried what y'all think Ohiomom ;), I've been lurking for the past 9 mos and I know nothing has changed. Same ol' same ol' round the HT house....

Just curious of what would come up. I was fascinated to be confronted with it from a facebook friend, one who is respected and intelligent and far from nut-job.

****Posted by lily316 z5PA (My Page) on Wed, Apr 24, 13 at 21:02
Maybe all you conspiracy freaks should look at the whole video of the the kid in the wheel chair. I clicked on it and wished I hadn't. His leg was nothing but a bone below the knee. A raw bone. I am SOOOOOO sick of the Rightie's theories which are hogwash.****

I'm not a rightie or a leftie. I watched the whole video. I'm trained in first aid; while I hardly think I'm a professional I know that kid in the wheelchair should have bled out. He had two legs blown off and while people sat around him and the man holding him had time to take off his sunglasses and be taken off himself in a stretcher, and the woman next to him went out in a stretcher...the "poor man" with both his legs gone and bare bone lay on the street, his bum exposed, barely bleeding... and then he got put in a wheelchair and paraded by the cowboy down the street... the same cowboy with the blood soaked flag... and the same bone-man who could identify the bombers, the bombers that were called "actors" by Fox news.

Just looks and sounds really, really weird to me.

I'm not a gore-hound by any means, and I don't watch news, I don't even get television inside my house. The cowboy struck me as wrong from the start.

I don't know about Sandy Hook and I don't mean to commingle the two. Look at that bare bone, and tell me, where is the blood? Is there anyone here with medical training to tell me, after watching the footage, why he didn't get taken off first? Why this would have happened, and how he could have possibly survived?

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Circus Peanut

Silversword, there was plenty of blood at the scene. Eyewitness cellphone footage: and graphic photo of Jeff Bauman. I assume he wasn't dripping blood in the wheelchair because they had his thighs very tightly bound, but you can see the footpedals have blood all over them. Who knows why he didn't go first, it was chaos.

Re.: "the man holding him had time to take off his sunglasses" -- I can't find it now, but there's a better video that shows the man in the hood using the cord from his glasses to make a tourniquet for Bauman's right leg - that's what Carlos Arredondo (cowboy hat guy) is holding tight as they push the wheelchair.

At the very beginning of this video you can see the woman Bauman was blown onto as she begins to sit up; the gore and blood from his right leg is all over her white shirt, that's not hers. More horrifyingly, as she starts to sit up you can see his shinbone with dangling veins etc rising up behind her head. Someone local said she was a coworker, yadda yadda, and she didn't actually have bad injuries, but they first thought the blood was all hers, which might explain why she went first.

Nobody should ever believe total strangers on the interwebs, but for what it's worth, Arredondo is a friend of my neighbors', who say that they're worried about his ptsd troubles again since the marathon. And no wonder. Interview with Arredondo afterwards, where you can see he's bloody and shaken: Google him for his bio, fascinating guy active in the peace movement.

And lastly:

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Thank you CP. Any one who clicks on the links you posted has got to see what happened. And yes, it's most the Right like Beck and Hannity et al who spew these hateful conspiracy theories all the time. I doubt Rachel Maddow will. Imagine the hurt this does to the families of the grievously wounded (whoops, sorry they're all actors). Little Martin and Christine didn't really die. Little Martin's sister didn't lose a leg and the mother didn't have a head injury. Hell,I'll bet with the fake funeral yesterday they're all in Bermuda now having a good laugh.

Do you realize how silly you people are??The same people who said 20 little kids didn't really die in Newtown. Their parents are actors???CRAZY and very hurtful to the families and the heroic police.

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Like a select few here, I refuse to fall lockstep into line and believe what media feeds the hoards.

I'll do my own looking around, gather my own information, mix it all with a huge grain of salt and a lot of common sense, knowing exactly what humanity is capable of.

Call me what you like, but I don't fall left or right... and I much prefer looking at the entire and much bigger picture after all the puzzle pieces have been fit together... if they fit.

Media misinformation, government agency conspiracy, and the combination of power and wealth to keep enhancing profit and public fear are all very real things in our world at various levels.

No, thank you... no red, white or blue kool aid for me. I'll drink real water from outside any bubbles... think what you may.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)

Did y'all hear about the soldier in Vietnam who was hit by a mortar round, his body blown away from the waist down? Rumor has it that he used his weapon and elbows to crawl back to camp, 3 miles away.

I had to change waste to waist. My mind was thinking, wasted.

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Maybe if the "authorities" (FBI, state cops etc) did not give contradictory information some of this would be avoided. Will there always be conspiracy theories? Of course, all you have to do is read how (pick a president) is going to invoke marshall law and take over the country as dictator.

I "question" some of the contradictory statements made to the public during this whole event, and I at least I know that the feds/cops are not always honorable .... that does not mean that the bombings did not happen or that people were not hurt. I wonder what other fingers were in this pie ... who their "real" handlers were.

Always two sides to a story and somewhere in the middle is the truth ...

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)

Not all police officers are in it to be a hero. Some police officers thirst for this kind of action. They love the firefight, they lust for it. For many it was a good day at work.

Most policemen don't enter the fight with the thought he might die. That's foolish thinking. He's in it to kill someone, not die a hero.

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Here is another type of narrow-mindedness and inability to grasp complexity:

Understanding that conspiracy theories require an unrealistic level of omnipotency being equal to "fall lockstep into line and believe what media feeds the hoards" and "folks who accept everything at face value".
Those quotes, from posts above, are examples of binary thinking. Either you believe in the fantastically unlikely, or you believe whatever someone tells you at a particular time. Why?

"I know that kid in the wheelchair should have bled out "

How do you know that? Because you have never treated someone with their legs blown off? Perhaps you could increase your education by reading the article I found, below. Note that during WWII, "traumatic amputations" were common. Survival rate was about 20 in 100 where treatment happened within 6 hours. IOW, clearly people survived having limbs blown away even after laying untreated for hours. How quickly did the people we are discussing above receive 21st C hospital care? Less than a half-hour, for sure.

Anyway, since I have dared to apply a tad of common sense to the nonsensical, I must return to a mainstream news outlet and get reprogrammed.

Here is a link that might be useful: not so simple

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)

It's possible that God was watching over them.

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To answer Silver's question more succinctly, yes... it's entirely possible. Is it? Who knows at this point?

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That clears it all up, then. It is entirely possible that actors were hired to pretend to be injured by a bomb, or maybe we don't know...

That's it: because we don't know, we aren't involved, we wren't there, we don't work at the hospitals where the (possibly) injured persons (actors?) were taken, we aren't the surgeons, the relatives, the FBI investigators, then therefor all possibilities are equally probable.

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Circus Peanut

Not all police officers are in it to be a hero. Some police officers thirst for this kind of action. They love the firefight, they lust for it. For many it was a good day at work.

True that, Brush. We really noted this phenomenon as we wandered around central Boston after the bombing trying to hook up with our marathon runners. The police presence was massive. At one point about 2 hours afterwards, a black SUV that said Suffolk University Police, sirens blaring, stopped an entire intersection to barrel through on the way to Boylston St.

Everyone relax: the campus police is on it! We had to crack up; the Keystone Cops element was just too much.

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david52 Zone 6

How does one explain the unexplainable, create order out of chaos?

Maybe its just unexplainable chaos.

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Im glad you are back Silver and am happy t read whatever you offer to us, it comes from a pure place and I feel its less important that I agree with you than that I am willing to read what you offer before drawing a conclusion that Ill print on HT. I wish you would visit more frequently.

I read some and listened to your link . My thoughts on it are these.

I think it very unlikely that this bombing was staged. Much too many people would have to be involved and then keep the secret before it happened and again forever after it happened.

The form of this presentation of this theory from this group struck me that no fact could be offered to this group that would ever have them pause, rethink that maybe they were incorrect and that if they were never able to prove their theory that they would admit it. I believe this group is invested in the foundation of how they think things are, generally, and they will never budge on it because they are as invested in being disbelieving as others are in believing. That alone causes a problem with their objectivity regarding the facts as they view them to be, with me.

In another thread, bboy made a great observation that expressed what it is I wish I could say as well. Im in a rush, if I remember to, later on I will try to find his words and quote him.

If they are ever able to prove their theory ( still, only a theory remember) then I will certainly support the fact that this group was correct, should be given credit despite the fact that generally I suspect they are no more trustworthy than those they claim to lie to Americans. I promise you Silver that I will start a thread saying that I do believe this story as presented was, in fact, true - if by that time a thread doesnt already exist, which would honestly be more likely for such a breaking story. Think of the time stations could spend on such a revelation - it would be the story of the century and billions ...*billions*...could be made by news stations in the competition of reporting of it.
The proof is simply in the proof. It would not be that hard to bring forth facts that are undeniable.
I believe that this happened as a terrorist attack by two losers because so many people witnessed it. Are some periferal facts being fudged or are we being lied to by omission? Im sure that is more likely than not. We already know the FBI lies, by its history.
But the basics are, I believe, true. And if this young man did have his legs blown off, which I do believe wholeheartedly, how I pity him that this group is smearing his pain, loss and name.

If it didnt happen, they will be able to offer the man, and his family, his history and what he had to gain by the pretense, proof other than look and see what we see. Facts, with verification.

The thing about Sandy hook is not worthy of comment, its a flat disgrace, as Im sure you would agree Silver. I believe that the only people who would believe that all those children weren't really shot to their death are those who would benefit from it all being a lie. They have a need to doubt. The people who weave this lie have something to gain, probably financially. Its another way to make a living.

If you feel they ever offer proof about this not- bombing that convinces you that this story is authentic, please bring it back Silver. Because it would be a thread coming from you, which you felt was of real worth, I promise to be as open as possible when reading it. If you decide for yourself that you are no longer as open to the possibility this story presents, would you please come back in and say so, and why? If I find what you offer to be more convincing, I will say so. If it convinces me, I will say so in bold print, that is a promise.
As it stands, no. I dont believe this story as its presented and am VERY suspect of the group who made up this video.
On a side note, I believe that liberals must be very careful to not become the mirror image of what it is we criticize about conservatives.

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I should have said that as an former EMT I actually know how and why a double amputee can survive-having your legs partially blown off is more dangerous than having complete avulsion because the veins and arteries can draw back up into the tissue and be clamped off by swelling where as if you get partial avulsion that cant happen and you continue to bleed-it is the body making its own tourniquet. Adrenaline is very powerful so if you can get them to care while they are still up they have a good chance of surviving-the golden hour it is called-then you get a huge crash into shock and that kills.

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As Benjamin Franklin said, Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead

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Thanks Mylab. I come back and check you all out when I'm curious about the news because I feel there is enough dissent here, with so many good-minded, intelligent people, for me to get a well-rounded version of what's going on.

But, I haven't been watching the news lately. I've been under incredible stress and it all just aggravates me. And I'm tired of arguing, and I spend enough time at the computer working two jobs as is :)

I have been working in my gardens, a lot. I've been giving away bags of organic veggies to strangers on Craigslist every week because my neighbors are tired of me already. I have an earwig infestation in my artichokes. For some reason I have no lemons this year but my almonds are going crazy. I'm considering getting chickens. I haven't taken out my tinfoil hat in at least 6 months ;)

I'm not looking to prove it (would take an incredible armchair detective to even begin such a task), but was presented with this (and a lot of other info) from a friend of my father. I respect this man very much, and rather than argue with him (DUDE....exactly HOW many people would have had to keep this a secret?!?!) I brought it here to see what y'all think.

I don't want to believe this. But a few things did strike me as being off, like the Fox reporter saying 'actors' and then changing to 'individuals'. Why on Earth would he slip and use that word? Bizarre, but could be just a coincidence. I mix up words all the time.

Like the events of September 11, there are a few niggling details that won't lie flat in my mind. And maybe that's the result of something so awful happening that there is no explanation. And as someone said above, we'll probably never know.

Perhaps I should have put the emphasis on ALL, as in, Could it ALL be a conspiracy? I'm a skeptic. Two men can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

I should have figured most would debunk without even watching. I admit I didn't watch the whole thing. But around 11:26, when they show Carlos standing next to the fence holding his hat and flag, and the man with the sunglasses propped up on one elbow, looking as casual as can be, and one can see the woman in the red who was against the poor (omg, I just can't even fathom) man with no legs and she is being taken off on a stretcher by paramedic type men with gloves, and then the sunglasses guy is being tended to by TWO paramedic type guys while that poor legless man is STILL on the concrete, lying there, with no aid, it just doesn't add up to me. It LOOKS weird. It looks like a photo op. If Cowboy Carlos really jumped TWO fences to get there to help, why was he just standing there, holding his flag?

If he was the one to apply tourniquets (as he says he was) then why is it 'obvious' that sunglasses man took off his glasses to use the string to tie a tourniquet (as Circuspeanut said above)? Why is sunglass man looking so relaxed?

In the next moment, the 53-year-old from Boston was vaulting a barricade and racing straight into the acrid cloud, wearing a cowboy hat like some Western hero.

“That’s the first reaction, ‘We have to go help somebody!’” he says.

He saw a big pool of blood and several severed limbs. And there was a young man in a gray top directly in front of him who was trying desperately to stand up.

“He had no legs,” Arredondo says.

A second bomb went off 100 yards away. Arredondo kept his focus on the young man, asking his name and offering his own.

“I told him, ‘My name’s Carlos, you’re going to be OK, help is on the way,’” Arredondo recalls.

The man was bleeding so heavily he seemed likely soon to be beyond help unless Arredondo applied tourniquets. He grabbed of the first thing he saw that might work.

“Somebody’s sweater,” he said. “I tore it apart.”

The tourniquet on the left leg went just above the knee, below which there was nothing but torn flesh and a length of bare bone.

Another tourniquet went on the right leg. Arredondo next grabbed a wheelchair that somebody was pushing past. He placed the young man into it and moved it as quickly as he could while still holding up what remained of the legs.

Ok, so Carlos tied off both legs with a sweater. And he was bleeding so heavily (so why isn't Carlos covered in blood?) that it seemed he might die in moments. Why is everyone so casual in those pictures?

Can anyone watch that part and tell me if it looks 'right' to them? I didn't want to watch it either, I get it if you don't. And it's not as if we're going to 'solve' anything. This thread can die as dignified a death as any and go skittering to the back pages.

I don't trust the Obama administration and I'm not a liberal or a conservative. I try to gather as much information as I can and be open to changing my mind. It doesn't look right to me.

I believe this man is a double amputee. I'm just not wholly convinced it happened in Boston.

Why was the Boston Globe tweeting there was going to be a controlled explosion? Why were marathon runners talking about all the bomb sniffing dogs?

And I guess the thing that makes me angriest: Why are Americans more outraged about the (awful, tragic beyond words, tears my momma heart right out of my chest) death of that little 8 year old, but not saying a word about the 12 children killed by an airstrike just days before?

And why did Michelle Obama visit Saudis in the hospital, why are we deporting Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, a man who has strong clan links to al-quaida? Why did the FBI deny knowing the alleged bombers prior to the attack?

Could be just some really dirty politics. Just because the Bush family was in bed with the bin Ladens and flew two dozen members of their family out of the country after the attacks without interrogating them doesn't mean they blew up the twin towers on purpose. Just because the Obamas are flying people out of the country this time doesn't mean the bombing was faked.

I'm just looking for info and answers.

Here is a link that might be useful: UM-Coach-Bomb-Sniffing-Dogs-Spotters-on-Roofs/BrirjAzFPUKKN8z6eSDJEA.cspx

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I hope this thread does die a dignified death just because it's so outrageous. Never has more pictures and video of a crime scene been taken and still there are disbelievers. BTW actors is a word many use instead of suspect. I've heard the term used before by police.

So the 200 people wounded grievously PLUS the many doctors who worked tirelessly plus 10,000's of thousands there like my daughter are ALL actors>>???Do you realize how crazy this sounds? BTW, there is a video of the Jeff guy running around AT the Marathon before the bomb.

And to denigrate Carlos, who is credited with saving Jeff's life by all who were there, is despicable , IMO.

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On the morning after the bombing, Amy Goodman interviewed Carlos Arredondo's wife, Melida, on Democracy Now. Anyone who watched this interview would not have doubted that the bombing actually occurred.

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I watched this absurd analysis that you linked, days ago on FB. The supposed EMT that can't spell various difficult words like "ludacris", am I right? And who keeps referring to the woman of color as an "African"? Or is that yet another deep analysis of some video of the event?

I think you have the "armchair" detective part right.

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Silver, I would never expect you to prove any of this but I would most CERTAINLY expect that group who is putting the conspiracy theory out there to provide documented, verified proof to every media outlet they can find, including the media outlet they have already effectively used with this declaration.
All those people who list limbs? Easily verified to discover if the wounds are fresh. When the people go home, they will continue to be cleaning the wounds if they are fresh amputees. Trash belongs to the public, family members who buy the medical supplies can watched to see if they are buying wound treatment dressings, because this group would surely want to know if they are wrong?

Easily verified to find out if people who know them can tell this group that the so called victims of the bombings were amputees BEFORE the bombing simply by talking to neighbors and people who worked with the amputees.
. If this group wont do the work to do the boring investigating that could prove that nobody had limbs flying, then Im extremely suspect that they are playing the public for whatever gain they will get, be it politically based gain or financially based gain- or both.

I would expect to see the proof that these victims were already amputees before much more time has passed, within just a few short weeks. If they are genuine. And want to know what realky happened, even if what really happened is that two losers set off bombs in Boston, killing and wounding so many. If they want the actual truth, then that is what they can provide -its simply too easy for such an organized group to prove what they say is true by the facts of all the victims and when it was that each list their Limb BEFORE the bombings. Do you agree with me on this point about the easy availability of the truth re the amputees?. If its true, the nation has a great need to know this.
If not, then I think we should discuss that also, because I think its important to acknowledge that truth too.

If it is not true, this group is what I would consider to be terrorists, of a different nature, with the intention to do harm to the public and to the nation at large - harm they will have achieved, just by putting this out there.
If true, everyone has the right to be shown the facts of truth, we must confront those who planned this and the deep, deep lies about even the most basic story.

Either way, whatever the truth based upon facts is - its not good news.

But we will know the truth about this story soon enough. If we are offered the verified facts about the amputees and when they got that way SOON, it was true.

If we aren't, it was a gigantic, evil hoax.

    Bookmark   April 25, 2013 at 9:47PM
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I just don't know. After Anonymous changed the game with Stubenville, and Amber Lyon with CNN - I have to wonder about the sources of mainstream media.

And, perhaps they are outdated and the public is where to watch for our news. Vine, etc. I agree that there should be proof. I'm sick about this. I don't watch anything close to horror, I can't watch scary stuff, I don't like blood or gore and I cry when animals are even threatened with pain, let alone humans. I've been a vegeterian for most of my life. But I've seen quite a bit of blood, in real life, and it doesn't look bright red. It pools different. And it feels off.

It just FEELS off.

I want to believe. But labeling "conspiracy freak" doesn't convince me. At this point, IMO, both sides need to do some proving.

    Bookmark   April 26, 2013 at 12:40AM
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Apparently the mother of the killers has bought this conspiracy theory hook, line, and sinker. She said in an interview today it was all staged and that isn't blood on the sidewalk and street, it's red paint. Are these people delusional? BTW, Mom is a little nutso. That's why she raised two killers who did these horrendous deeds. Doesn't matter that the young one confessed to the guy he hijacked AND the FBI, this delusional woman won't ever believe it.

Her whole family was welcomed into this country, given welfare and their kids educated and this is the pay back. Mom was arrested for stealing $2000 worth of clothes from Lord and Taylor last year. Ironic that their camera caught her monster sons.

    Bookmark   April 26, 2013 at 2:32AM
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I'm out. G'nite

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Lily, if the bombing and the killing like at the marathon was to take place and the world told me it was my child who did it - despite all the evidence to the contrary, I might always think that my child had been set up. Could you ever really believe it of your own, even if pictures were shown. Wouldn't it be possible that it would be such an unacceptable thing to deal with that instead you might turn to conspiracy theories and that your child is being used for a cover up? I don't know what I would be able to accept in my head if this was my own dear son, I honestly don't.

I always feel the deepest pity for parents when their child does something so horrible - nobody can be sure that the parents did anything wrong in the raising of the child. Some people just come into the world with something within themselves just broken in the mental process, just like some are born autistic or with down's syndrome, which is also not the fault of the parent.
In the early 20's often mental illness rears its ugly head just at the point where a person is really beginning to bloom.

I don't know what is wrong with young adults who do such horrific things against humanity, but I do wonder if placing the blame on parents is more the easiest thing for people to do in or frustration, anger and despair - and I fear this automatic reaction is adding a terrible burden to shoulders which are already broken from the weight of sorrow.

    Bookmark   April 26, 2013 at 1:02PM
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The mother must feel guilty because it was she who began the road down to extremist Islamic views which are always unhealthy. Older son was a misfit unlike the younger one who was well liked. But she fueled the flames , began wearing the traditional garb which she had never worn in her life and the two of them became extremists. The father with a calmer demeanor as his brother in Maryland should have stood up and been stringent. This woman is a radical extremist who hasn't done atrocious acts except accepting her son and his whacked out views. She is defiant and blames America for killing her son. Hello? Her sons took a happy sunny day with 100,000 people celebrating the Marathon and Patriot's day and turned it into a nightmare for 1000's. No pity here.

No proof? One doctor said in an interview, she smelled the blood before she even got to the carnage. Something she will never forget. The doctors, nurses and ET's have post traumatic stress never seeing anything in the combined years even remotely resembling the carnage.

But they're all actors, I forgot ,and the blood is paint.

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My Dear Departed mother would have cheered me on if I had blown up Mounbatten.

"The IRA gave clear reasons for the execution. I think it is unfortunate that anyone has to be killed, but the furor created by Mountbatten's death showed up the hypocritical attitude of the media establishment. As a member of the House of Lords, Mountbatten was an emotional figure in both British and Irish politics. What the IRA did to him is what Mountbatten had been doing all his life to other people; and with his war record I don't think he could have objected to dying in what was clearly a war situation. He knew the danger involved in coming to this country. In my opinion, the IRA achieved its objective: people started paying attention to what was happening in Ireland"

That above is the biggest crock!
There was an 83 year old woman a 14 & a 15 year old also killed along with him.
Denial doesn't state I know the truth & reject it denial does not permit the existence of facts to co exist with an irrational fantasy!

    Bookmark   April 26, 2013 at 2:37PM
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