Crazy Ants That Eat Fire Ants!

Okiedawn OK Zone 7May 14, 2008

Here's some news about some crazy ants that eat fire ants. That's the good news. Of course, there's a down side too.

I've linked the article.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crazy Ants in Texas

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Your right, good that they eat fire ants, but bad because they are just as bad as the fire ants.
and they still bite us humans : (

and there is nothing yet to kill out the ants..

So, I don't really see anything good about the crazy ants.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Well, I don't either, but I do like the part about eating fire ants.

I am sure they will slowly advance northward from Houston, but since they have been in Texas since 2002 and only spread to 5 counties so far, maybe it will take them a while to get here. And, maybe by the time they get here, we'll have some method of dealing with them. I remember many years ago in Texas, we Texans never thought the fire ants would get to "us" in north Texas, and then they did. And, then, we thought they'd "never" spread north into Oklahoma, and they have.

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A lot of people in Oklahoma do not know what fire ants really are. When we moved to our house in DFW in 1994, my wife bought some poison to kill "fire ants" and I chuckled a bit. I told her those ants aren't really that bad and it was uncommon to get bitten. Within a few days I found out what they really were. It took one time putting my knee onto the ground in the wrong place for not more than 5 seconds and I got 40 bites that I could count individually. Plus, I had some chills for half a day that I think were related to the bites.

Anyone have a link to something showing their currently infested areas along the border and northward?

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ssimon2000(7 - Central Oklahoma)

We dealt with fire ants for the six years I lived in North Carolina. Straight from the pits of hell, those are. It was a common occurence to see news reports of small children in the hospital because they stumbled into a fire ant pit.
At least the crazy ants don't sting like fire ants.

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I remember the fire ant marching North :( I was hoping that our weather would be too cold for them. Over the years that marched up this way, we where in a heat wave w/ a droughts in the summer, now I wonder how cold is too cold for the fire ants, how much more will they go north.

I know the site said they are not sure how they got in Huston or where they came from... But one has to wonder, if someone didnt "plant" the little guys on our soil, hoping to kill the fire ants, but not knowing full of what the crazy ants would do.

and how does a African queens escape from an South American lab (AKA; Killer bees)

furthermore, why does it always seem that when I Insect gets loose, it has to be a nasty one. what happened to all the good Insects.

the site, it also said that they kill out electrical meaning they also invade inside your home, and wipe out our ladybugs.

But what I don't understand is that it looks like they could have been control, and still could, if the EPA would allow a stronger ant killer to be available to the Exterminators.
for me it leaves too many questions and not enough answers.

Like if they knew about the ants since 2002, why have they not done something about it.. If an exterminator is charging someone $1200 to kill out the ants at her parents home ( if that is true, and it really does kill the ants) then there you go..

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If they're attracted to electrical current, then why not develop a sort of extermination that takes them out that way? Sugar ants like sugar, so you mix it with boric acid...catch my drift?
You inventor's your chance :)

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Here's the range of the Fire Ant

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Try #2 for Fire Ant map

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