Red Apeldoorn Darwin tulips at Walmart

oakleif(z6 AR)September 16, 2006

Just bought some Darwin Apeldoorn red tulips at Walmarts-20 for $4.96. Have planted these before and had success with some coming back the next few years.


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Jung's had those too and calls them "the #1 choice for long-term tulip plantings". Looks like Wal-Mart has a better price though. I will check ours to see if there's any left. I haven't tried to plant tulips for a long time because I had trouble with them getting eaten. I don't know if it's squirrels or voles or what but something finds them. Do you do anything to your tulips to protect them?

Here is a link that might be useful: Jung's

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oakleif(z6 AR)

I actually got your post thru my e-mail. yeah!!! maybe my e-mail is getting set up right, I have"nt had any bulbs eaten. I use to have a dog that kept the critter population down without tearing my garden up but i lost him. My new dog probably has tea parties for them. I lost a complete bed of oriental lilly bulbs and since i"ve scattered egyptian onions here and there thru all my beds.Do'nt think i've lost anything else. Sometimes the onions look out of place but
i make a half hearted attempt to blend them in somehow.
I read somewhere that onion and garlic bulbs would discourage most bulb eaters.

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Sorry to hear you lost your dog. Even if your new dog doesn't actually chase the critters, it probably helps a little just to have his scent around. My two Shelties keep our fenced backyard clear of critters but I garden outside their territory mostly, because they dig up my plants. I had to circle my shrubs with big rocks so they won't dig around them.

I was getting ready to post a question about Egyptian Walking Onions so I'll just ask you Vickie....Are they perennial?
I planted some this spring that I got in a trade but they haven't bloomed or "walked" yet. Do I need to dig them and store over winter? We've gotten one light frost so far. Hope I haven't waited too long.
I hadn't heard to plant onions among tulips. That sounds pretty simple. Much easier than trying to make little baskets for the bulbs.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Christie, Its been a couple years since i lost Bear.
The egyptian onions don't bloom. In the late summer small bulblets form at the top of the plants and will grow other leaves from them. I pick off the bulblets that i want to start somewhere else and let the rest fall off to start a group and they will spread in that way ,thus walking onions.They are hardy here and we're in same zone. They are perennials. Do'nt give up on them . They'll probably make bulblets next year.
If you are a dog lover check out the clipping i clipped out on a "tribute to Keebler" It's beautiful but have a tissue handy.

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Ok Vickie - I'm going to leave my Egyptian Walking onions in the ground over winter. Fighting the urge to dig and store.

I read 'Tribute to Keebler'. Dogs seem to get more and more personality as they age and it's extra hard to lose an old one that you've gotten so attached to. 'To God from the dog' that follows Keebler was fun to read. I don't usually look for clippings. Thanks for pointing those out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oakleif's clippings

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