where are the butterflies?

lcdesign(6 SEPA)July 10, 2005

Has anyone noticed the lack of butterflies in their gardens? My butterfly bush is going begging, along with milkweed and aesclepias. I've seen a few frittilaries and black swallowtails, no eastern tigers or painted ladies. What gives?.


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rfgpitt(z6a Pit PA)

I saw a bunch for the first time today! Keep looking

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Funny you should mention...........on Saturday I saw a Monarch visiting my Knautia, and yesterday my gardens were just filled with all different sorts of butterflies. I even saved a drowning Pieris rapae (cabbage moth) in my pool. I let it dry off on my finger, then away it went.

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

Haven't seen any monarchs yet but have both swallowtails and lots of fritilliaries here now. A few smaller ones (lavenders I think) and of course the ubiquitous sulphurs.


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The Magnus echinacea and anise hyssop typically bring out the butterflies in our garden, and both are just starting to fully flower. This is our first year with several new butterfly bushes - so far, they ain't exactly packing them in, so far.

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

i planted so many things this year to attract them and i've seen zilch. i'm patiently waiting though, maybe it's just not "my" year.

i am however so satisfied with the number of different species birds and other assorted wildlife i have been able to attract.

but then there's a whole new weed absolutely everywhere and certain bugs are in abundance.

i guess you can consider it balance.

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I was thinking the same thing myself yesterday! This afternoon I saw a lot more than yesterday even. Mostly the little white ones--are they the frittalaries?

Last summer I went Reillys summer seat and there was about 30 on each butterfly bush they had. Not a one on mine though. :(

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I saw my first monarch today. It was camping out on my verbena bonariensis and ignored every other flower in the yard... I know there's nothing special in the rest of the yard, but why rub it in?

Usually the white butterflies are the adult cabbage worms. I'm sure there's an official name for them, but I don't know it!

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naturenut_pa(z6 PA)

i'm happy to say that i've had them for quite some time now, mostly on the butterfly bushes and the zinnia. hopefully when the rest of butterfly bushes go into bloom, i'll have a lot more butterflies also.

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shadylady_pa(Z6 PA)

Yes, I had been noticing it, but just the other day my swallowtails showed up! I usually get two a year - one black and blue and one yellow and black. I've seen the yellow, but not the blue yet. I think I may have actually seen a monarch one day also. I'm so excited because I'm planning to plant some asclepias next year for them.

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lcdesign(6 SEPA)

Thanks for your posts. I'm happy to report that I finally saw an eastern tiger on Saturday, and I've seen a few BSTs. I was beginning to think I was just imaptient, but then I came across some butterfly pictures from last June with tons. The butterflies are definitely late, and reduced in number around here. I'm sure the crazy weather is a factor, somehow. Shadylady, be sure you really want those asclepias. They are really invasive. If you're anywhere near West Chester, I'll happily give you some.


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I was starting to get worried, too. All that I was seeing were those white ones. Now, this week they are all here! I am happy once again!

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elongrad97(z6 PA)

They're just emerging now I think. I just saw my first Monarch while out riding yesterday.

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lynn_d(Z5 PA)

I'm just starting to see them as well, Hooray!!! The butterflies are here!!

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