black eyed susan in the park pictures

helenh(z6 SW MO)September 20, 2009

Their plant had healthy foliage. When I grew this vine I had spider mites, I may try again.

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helen, darn, now I will have to try this vine! Did you notice if they had the Corkscrew Vine this year?

Was there lots of good late stuff blooming. I have been thinking about going again. I have never been this late in the year.

I wouldn't let the mites deter me. I bought a yellow mandevilla and had to spray it a couple of times for what I thought were red aphids. It has done much better than the pink one. I will try to overwinter both.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Not every thing is pretty. I have lots of experience in my yard just appreciating what looks good now. Weeds and ugly foliage are kind of fallish anyway. The English Garden was pretty, the grasses look great. Asters are blooming. I go over to the big garden every time I go. They cut back their day lilies so they don't look bad. Their lilies had a serious problem but now there are lots of annual vinca plants growing among the dead lilies. I am watching their new shrub garden; it isn't anything much to see except I am interested in what died, looks ratty or is thriving to save myself an expensive mistake.

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What "died" or went "dormant"?

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

It takes five years for most shrubs to be mature. Some of the small shrubs are doing better or growing faster than others. I am watching for things that can succeed without a lot of TLC. When I said there is not much to see, I meant it will take a long time for this area to show what the shrubs can do. There are things for me to see because I am interested in plants. I appreciate them all. I consider the park a place to research plants. I don't remember what did not succeed, but several of the viburnums seemed to be doing well. I will watch to see if they are pretty or fragrant.

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I think I remember seeing a some dead shrubs in the new shrub garden too. Maybe they have replaced them now. I'm curious how they will put a path through there. Doesn't it look like the ones in the middle will get crowded out? There are some hydranges that I'm anxious to see bloom and some others.

Your black eyed susan vine photo is stunning Helen. I wonder if it's a particular cultivar. I planted one several years ago. I don't remember mine having so many blooms but I did like it. The seed pods are pointy and my kids were little and running around barefooted a lot at the time so I didn't plant it again. I could now though.

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I planted this vine last year but it didn't do anywhere near this well, so I didn't plant it again. Then this year I saw another one blooming in among the zinnias, but it has too much competition to do well.

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