More Combinations at Close Memorial Park

gldno1September 25, 2008

I love that first grass with the Fireworks Goldenrod, but didn't bother to check the name, thinking it would be so easy to find..........haven't found it yet.

The next bed has hydrangea 'Tardiva' and Joe Pye weed at the back. In front is a sedum just barely showing at the left and persicaria amplexiculis 'Firetail' in front. There are a few pink and white echinaceas mixed in to the left.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I liked their hydrangea too. It looked like it was easy for them to grow. I really like my oakleaf hydrangea, but I haven't had success with the blue ones that take lots of water. The grasses have looked good for a long time. They are good plants to keep your garden attractive all season and into winter.

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They have a great collection of grasses there. I also enjoy that area.

Persicaria Firetail blooms a long time. I bought a start of that in 07, I think at the Master Gardener sale and wasn't too impressed the first year but it's bloomed much better this summer. The dang Japanese Beetles went after mine earlier in the summer. It kept blooming but the leaves were lace. There are new leaves now so it looks a lot better than it did in this pic. If you enlarge it, you can see the little buggers at work.

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noxtra(SW MO. 6)

I think the grass you are refering to is Miscanthus Cosmopolitan. That is an unusually nice specimin. There is a peony garden currently under construction and shaould look good in a year or two. You too can be a part of the gardens follow the link!


Here is a link that might be useful: Friends of the Garden

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Thanks very much Lee. This is the one.

I will be looking forward to the peony garden. I guess I haven't covered nearly all the beds..haven't seen the hostas yet either.

I talked with a Master Gardener at MU Extension Master yesterday and was told that someone should be working daily at the gardens, so I will be going back shortly. I have several questions about various plants and cultivation.

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When you first drive into the park, there's a drive that turns right and goes down to another parking lot south(?) of where you were. The Hosta, Rose and White gardens are close to that lot. The hosta garden is the part with the fence around it (to keep the geese out). If you walk toward the lake and then follow the paved trail to the east(?), the English Cottage Garden is on the left. If you go a little further, there's a side trail that turns left (north?) and that's how you get to the Butterfly, Ornamental Grass, Iris, Lily and Daylily gardens. Then if you don't mind walking through the grass, you can take a shortcut back to the parking lot instead of going back the way you came. : ) I don't usually walk around to the far side of the lake. It's a nice walk but there aren't any gardens, just a few things planted here and there. There's still a little too much walking space between the gardens but I think it will be more filled in when it's completed.
Lee - Did I get my directions right or am I turned around? lol

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Wow, I have missed almost everything! I have never gone that direction. Thanks. DH says we have parked there before, but I don't recall it.

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You DID miss quite a bit. Hope you get a chance to go back before it gets cold. I think you'll really enjoy it - if you don't mind the exercise. The paved trail is wide and a great place to walk. There's always several people walking, biking and pushing strollers. Of course the Iris, lilies and daylilies aren't blooming right now but there's still a lot to see. It's not much compared to the botanical gardens in St. Louis but nice for Springfield and it has a lot of potential.

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