Damp, little sunlight corner. Ideas about sprucing it up?

steverlswJuly 31, 2013

The picture kinda says it all. It's become a corner that collects toys. It s in the corner of my house. It doesn't get much sun and stays a little damp most of the time. I had put temporary pavers against the house in an effort to pitch some of the water from sitting against the foundation. I also have an extra long spout to also take some of it away from the house. I guess my question is that what can I do around this area to make it more presentable? I do have a 3 year old at home so I may be able to actually use the sandbox or work it into the plan. I'm open for any suggestions. Play area? More pavers? Anything other than weeds and toy collection area!

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I would try to make a gradual stair type planting area.
on each level place pots to grow plants in.
In a small space I have made gradual plant steps.
This allows for more space vertically.Putting tall plants on top then gradually putting smaller ones on bottom levels.

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demeron(Zone 6)

In my damp spots I'm planting clethra and winterberry holly which are supposed to be damp tolerant. Clethra has wonderful fragrant blooms but it is supposed to attract bees so that is something to be aware of.

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