crazy finch

naturenut_pa(z6 PA)July 2, 2006

For 4 days now, this finch had been bugging me. Usually the only time birds fly into the glass is when the hummingbirds are fighting and one of them gets slammed into a window. But this crazy bird has been flying and pecking against the office window. Then it flies against the glass over the front door before retreating into the clematis for a while before returning to flutter against the glass again.

This morning when I heard the tapping sound, I went to investigate. There he was, fluttering against the glass. Suddenly he changed his mind and tried to fly away but not before I saw the flash of another bird swooping in quickly.

As annoying as he was, I hope he got away..

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corgilvr(z6 PA)

Great shot! My husband calls our bird feeders the McDonalds drive through for the hawk which occasionaly swoops down for an order of bird nuggets.

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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

Wow, that's kind of cool! What a great shot.

Maybe he thinks his reflection is a rival finch.

It's amazing how yellow he is.

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Great picture.

I love to watch the Goldfinch on our many feeders. They do keep us entertained.


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