Palm Tree Wood Boxes - Where to find?

ptmcclanahanJanuary 30, 2007

I've been looking all over the internet for the standard 24" and 36" wood tree boxes you see at nearly every palm tree nursery in the South. Does anyone know where to purchase just these wood tree boxes? You'd think it'd be easy to find a dealer online but I cannot!

Thanks in advance.


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john_trussville(z7b AL)

here's one I found....

Here is a link that might be useful: Wood tree boxes

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I note that the ones on the site seem to be plastic, though that's not all bad, since they're most likely rot proof and reusable! I'd guess the regular ones made of wood which I've seen must have at least one side removed for trasplanting , and then they're most likely not used again?
Not cheap however for the largest sizes of course!

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Yeah I found the plastic ones too. I talked to the guy last week and the shipping would be $15/each for the 35 gallon ones. Still looking for wooden boxes--I e-mailed about a dozen nurseries asking where they get theirs from but no responses yet.

Thanks everyone.

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Hello Paul. I wanted to ask you If you know where I can get 2 100 gallon plastic containers? I brought back some 65 gallon ones from alabama but there just a hair to small for what I need them for.

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The largest I've seen out by me for plastic ones is 65 gallon. If you click on the link above they have the plastic 125 gal boxes for $90...rather pricey though.

The palms you get from Alabama--do they sell any there in wood boxes or is everything plastic containers? I'd like to get the name of that place from you--I may need to make a trip down there this spring!

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Oh and I did receive a response finally from a nursery in Anaheim, CA - they said verbatim: "good luck finding" and that was it. This was from

That's really encouraging. =-)

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Hey are your roebys doing? Are they making it ok through this deep freeze over the last couple of nights? I was a little worried last night the low got in my yard to about 5 degrees for about 15 minutes..coldest yet! In the the garage it got down to 34 degrees! I was a little worried but it started to shoot back up within about an hour. Nice and cozy 58 degrees now. The sun can work miracles.

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They're doing great...I'm running a 23,000BTU kerosene heater to keep them feelin' good during the cold nights but the garage got down to a low of 36 last night without the heater turned on. That's the coldest they've seen yet this season but this weekend forecast is looking to be a challenge...-4F expected in my area on sunday night (after the Bears win of course!!)

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john_trussville(z7b AL)

Well I be dang'd. When I found that company offering the tree boxes I didn't click on any of the pics to enlarge. Just by the shape, I assumed they were wood...but you're correct, they're plastic all right. Sorry, thought sure I'd found what you were looking for.

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John I appreciate you helping me out anyway! I contacted a palm nursery in CA that manufactures these and may be able to ship. The 36" boxes are $20/piece but I bet the shipping is outrageous.

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I guess this may sound stupid but, why cant you just make a box whatever size you want? around here i know for a fact that several of the larger nurseries make their own boxes... they are usually just made out of fence picketts....

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It is a shame you don't live close to me our plant throws away several wooden boxes... just throws them away nobody to claim them.... some realy strong boxes some small... some large
I realy hate to see them go to waste !

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I must say , when considering a rather big move for my big Livistona chinensis some years ago in nearly all garden centers in this area, I found it near impossible to find any larger containers in plastic, much over twenty two inches, and it was already in a 21in. diameter pot, and I'd hoped to not repot it for years with a big enough jump in pot size, say to a thrity inch diameter. I was surprised however, walking around Lowes one day to see some "used" and huge plastic pots approcahing at least thirty inches wide and deep lying around the garden center, so I guess such sizes in regular round pots are manufactured, though perhaps available only for the nursery trade and wholesale growers etc? I was even tempted to ask, if they sold their used containers, but being almost sure , they didn't allow for that as a matter of policy, I didn't ask. Sort of sad and I do wonder what they did with those very valuable and huge pots , or if they were reused perhaps somewhere. I have a few times even considered making some very large wooden crates for growing large plants myself, but would imagine , the wood alone could get somewhat costly perhaps, since you'd want to use some naturally rot resistant wood perhaps.

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Me build wooden boxes? The only thing I'm qualified to build is a meatball sandwich. lol. I'm checking with some tree nurseries around here so I'm sure something will come up.

Thanks again everyone!

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I will admit, that just a quick thought about the "ease" of building a square box out of wood, would seem to indicate it's a no-brainer of sorts, but I'd guess it's not so , since those very large boxes do need some very sturdy construction techniques, since they're so heavy when loaded with soil and plants, and that might require some good design as well to acheive that, and it's not my strength most likely. Nothing like spending money and time to build something that falls apart in no time at all, I'd guess. However, I myself could also construct a meatball sandwich.

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I happen to come across large palm tree boxes. They can be sold built or un-built. Un-built means you have to put the metal strapping on yourself. I'm in San Bernardino California. My E-mail is Thanks

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chuycucui, my curiosity is killing me. You registered your gardenweb account today and then respond to a post that is almost 8 years old. What's up with that?

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Anybody still looking for Palm Tree Boxes. I'm in San Bernardino California and I've got built and un-built large boxes and other items.

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