bulldinkie(pa)July 20, 2013

I bought from a gadening catalog red plastic.It was to be put in garden where tomatoes are planted.Just like using black plastic.It said they would do great.They grew like crazy,Ive gotten a lot of tomatoes this year already.Im doing ithis from now on.

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This is the first year I used red plastic also, I read about it other years but never tried it.

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

I've seen it advertised, just haven't used it. may reconsider. wonder what it is that makes them grow so prolific with the red plastic


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not sure holds heat maybe , but mine are above the fence were talking 5' high.I went out I grabbed a kettle.I thought a few cherry tomatoes,a few big ones.My kettle was filled.Its time to pick again.Not sure whats working but the plants love the red plastic.

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I went out to see if we had any tomatoes to pick,OMG I picked off of 2 plants 11 huge tomatoes at least 1/2 lb each ,a few smaller.But some I bet were more than 1/2lb big...The plants are like 6' tall.I got another 1/2 pail of cherry tomatoes.My hubby is in heaven,he loves tomatoes.

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My tomatoes are growing like crazy too, Even though I had to throw about 15 away because of end rot, Wish I knew how to take a pic and post it because I'm not bregging but I have the biggest tomatoe I have ever seen must be about 3 pounds and I just measured it at 6-1/2 inches across.

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