Chinese (Kousa) Dogwoods from Seed

johnfromperrycopa(zone 6 scPA)July 8, 2007

I have quite a few seedlings (volunteers) sprouting underneath my existing Kousa Dogwood trees. What are the odds of these seedlings growing into trees with the same characteristics as the parent trees? I'm not sure if the Kousa is a hybrid. If so, I know the seedlings may not have the same characteristics as the parent tree.

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john, I posted your ? in the Trees forum, here's the response:

"Kousa is not a hybrid - though there are some hybrids of it and some of the native American dogwoods(C.florida, C.drummondii, etc.). But, if hers is a straight kousa, the seedlings will be typical of the species, and will be quite similar, in most regards, to the parent tree - floral show may be essentially the same - or it may be less or more showy - but she'll have to wait a number of years for these seedlings to grow through their juvenile period and attain sufficient maturity to begin flowering.
I have some seedling kousas that I grew from seed I collected, and they're probably 7 years old(if not more), with no evidence that they're inclined to begin flowering any time soon."

Here is a link that might be useful: Trees forum

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