I Have the Japanese Beetle Solution...

dicentra(z6B)July 18, 2005

...it's Abby, the German Shepherd Dog, who hunts down those green evil bugs and devours them in one gulp, or two! I rent her out real cheap...LOL.

"Where'd that buggy go? I know he's in there! Just lemme have 'em!"

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Kathy46(Z6 Pa)

YUMMMY extra protein and nice and crunchy. Abbey's a cutie. Are those bunny hutches I see ?? I love bunnies !


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heathrjoy(Z6 PA)

Do you think Abby could teach my two doofuses, er, I mean, dogs, that trick? She is beautiful! Ok, from one pic I have tomato and dog envy...this isn't right!
Keep up the good work, Abby!

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springcherry(6/7 Philly,PA)

Abbey is a beauty! She can come visit my yard anytime.

God help me but I think the praying mantis egg cases I bought a few years ago have helped my garden against those devil bugs. Every year now I see praying mantis and while I also see Japanese beetles -- I don't see many.

Having said that I'm going to go now and knock on ALOT of wood.


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My GSD does the same thing. Problem is, I have millions of JBs. She eats them untill she vomits but still barely puts a dent in the population.

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alisande(Zone 4b)

Ah, Abby is beautiful!

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lynn_d(Z5 PA)

How funny! Since there are two PA gardeners with beetle eatting GSDs I have to ask if they dine on other insects? Or is it just the JBs that they are after?

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It is quite funny to watch. My Female GSD (Destiny), chases and eats any bug, she can catch, mostly JB's and bumble bees. She eats tons of them. Unfortunatly they do make her vomit. She whishes she could catch our squirrls. She's a wonderful, loving and obedient pet. She does however, have a very strong prey drive. I am holding my breath and praying that she dosen't start going after the humming birds, not that she could catch them. She loves all humans except the goth skater teen boys in our neighborhood. I think its the big black clothes, chains, spikes, piercings, and necro-make-up. She has treed several of them. That's more fun to watch then chasing the beetles. I don't discourage her.

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