Dog Found Me

oakleif(z6 AR)September 1, 2007

After saying i could'nt afford to take another dog, Someone dropped off a little puppy in my yard last nite. Found him in the afternoon. Will

take him to vet this morning for health checkup.

He seems in good health except for thirsty and hungry. would'nt bring him into house untill he's seen by vet. He looks like he'll be a small dog. Yes i'm keeping him.


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Vickie you have a kind heart. Bless you. Dogs are a lot of trouble sometimes but it's such a joy to have them around and so rewarding. What kind of dog do you think he is? Maybe the vet can estimate his mature size.

We have two little Shelties we adopted when our kids were little and I can't believe they're starting to age already. Time flies.

We kept a Border Collie for awhile that found us after the ice storm. He barged into the house, jumped on my sofa, and
had this "glad to be home" look on his face that was irresistible. We looked for his owner for weeks and finally admitted that he must have been dumped, cute as he was. He was a LOT of trouble and a bundle of energy. He ate (not chewed on) nearly anything. He was very strong and somehow managed to pull open the locked gate to our backyard and get out earlier this summer. He was only out for a little while and got hit and killed. He had more personality than any dog I've ever had and great facial expressions. It was easy to tell what he was thinking.
Here's a photo. sniff


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I apologize. I didn't know that photo was going to be so big. I changed it to a thumbnail.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Christie, I'm sorry about Cosmos. Dogs can be trouble to keep but being alone They are my
family. I talk to them about everything and they try so hard to understand,I have to laugh. Now i have 3 dogs and definately no more.
I named this one Bo. He's a smart little thing.He already knows what "stay" means. The vet says he's 8 wks old. in good health except for worms and ticks.No fleas.Got heartworm and other shots,stuff to kill ticks. He weighed 5 lbs. Vet will see him the 25th to neuter him and look him over again,he'll be able to tell me how big he'll be by how much weight he gained. By then I'd keep him if he were a St, Barnard. He's black and brown and Vet said he was a true Heinz 57. So now i can say i've got a purebred Heinz 57
dog. LOL

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I hate that people dump dogs, but I love how they find kind hearted owners like you all. That puppy is a lucky dog. I've rescued a few dogs myself (my current rescued dog was on a shelter's death row, despite being a purebred Norwegian Elkhound--had to drive all the way to Fayetteville to get him, but it was worth it!) and I own another pure breed, but I would always find room for one more, just cause.

And Cosmo looks like he was a great dog--so sad for your loss, christie. :(

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oakleif(z6 AR)

grnthumber, my other two dogs were rescue dogs too my biggest,Dillen was smaller than Bo when i got him from Needy Paws and the vet said he probably would'nt live but he was a fighter and now weighs 50 lbs. My lttle one Cricket was almost grown and had been living in deplorable conditions. She is very shy. and would go hide when Dillen barked but started barking once and i encouraged her and now she is one mean sounding dog but still goes and hides if she thinks there is real danger.

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Cricket and Dillen are lucky dogs to have ended up in such a good home. I would rescue more dogs if I possibly could--I have rescued and given away several in the past, but my space is limited now. It's sad to think about how many good dogs don't find homes. IMO every dog deserves a good owner. :)

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pauln(z7B Arkansas)

I'm enjoying reading the dog stories. Christie, I'm sorry to hear about Cosmo. I understand how important our 4-legged people are. My best friend, Hazel, was a wonderful cat who passed last year at age 19. Still in withdrawl, I was thinking about all the traveling I was going to do now that the house was empty. Then Max showed up at a co-worker's house out in the country. He is a large red/white adult tabby cat who just fit right in (after a much-needed testosterone reduction surgery). I have no idea what his first few years of life were, but he's totally sociable with people. He really seems to flock to children and loves to flirt with the ladies.

Living alone and having to take some short work trips often I can't have a dog. I'd love to get some one day because some of my best friends are dogs. Right now, I've got the best of both worlds - a cat who thinks he's a dog. Sorry, gotta go and scratch Max's belly. Happy petness everybody!

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