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perezjuanf(10a)March 15, 2013

Since I am new at growing Passiflora I am wandering if the potting mix I prepare is good to plant passiflora seeds

1 gal of top soil
ý gal of Miracle Grow Potting Mix
ý gal of perlite

Thanks for any assistance

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For seed starting I'd leave top soil out of the mix. In general I'd leave top soil out of plants in pots. Better use a potting mix.

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I agree with subtrop.

For growing plants, I'm a big fan of mixing potting soil with perlite (typically 50:50). This is especially true for plants that like to be constantly moist, but not soggy (for example Tacsonias).

I prefer to control how much fertilizer I add to soil, and don't use Miracle Grow soil, perlite, etc. partly for this reason. I do use MG fertilizer, though.

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