Bryon's Beauty, anyon have it?

mboston_gwMarch 17, 2010

I am lookimg for a passionvine as a host plant for my Zebra Longwings. I want Maypops, also known as Incarnata but haven't been able to find it. A large nursery here suggested Bryon's Beauty and said that Butterfly World in South Florida loves it as a host plant there. Anyone k now of it or have it? I think he said it was a cross between Incarnata and Edulis.

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It is 'Byron Beauty', developed in Byron, Georgia. You can sometimes find it on Ebay. It is also available from Grassy Knoll.

I had it for a couple of years, but lost it last winter.

Here is a link that might be useful: Byron Beauty at Grassy Knoll

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jblaschke(8b TX)

Can't find maypops? That's unpossible! I'll send you some seed in exchange for postage.

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Thanks for the offer of seeds. Someone on the Butterfly Forum is sending me some. I have tried a ton of nurseries here (I won't buy from anywhere that might have plants that are sprayed since they are for my butterflies as host plants). Anyway, I have been told that with our crazy cold winter that it just hasn't come back up yet. Here it is a native and dies back each year but we had such an extended cold spell that everything is way off in coming back. I know how invasive it is but just to have it in the yard to get it started before the butterflies show up is going to be next to impossible now. Gulf Frits and Zebra Longwings both lay on it and eat massive amounts.

Thanks anyway. Would love to get a nice size plant from you, ha ha. I paid $16 for a plant with 3 leaves by the time I paid postage.

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