sgeorgia(z8 SGA)March 1, 2006

I have a seedling growing that I believed to be alata. I received the seeds from a member of the forum. The leaves are tri-lobed. The pictures I have seen of alata seem to be single lobed. Are alata leaves sometimes 3 lobed?

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Julie_Alley(z5 On Canada)

My Alata seedling is single lobed. I think they can be 3 lobed too because I thought something was rong with mine. I was told when I got it that it would have 3.

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sgeorgia(z8 SGA)

Thanks. It was a seedling last spring. If it blooms this year, I will know without a doubt. I hope it is alata.

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Passiflora alata has leaves that are unlobed and ovate in shape just like the closely related species of phoenicea (Ruby Glow) and quadrangularis. If the plant you are questioning has trilobed leaves then I would suggest that it is something other than P. alata. Sounds like it may be the hybrid, belotii (caerulea x alata). Let me know if you would like an alata...I will have some additional plants shortly.

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sgeorgia(z8 SGA)

All the ones I have labeled alata are three lobed. I guess I don't have a single alata. Redpass, if you still have an alata, I'd love one. Thanks.

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debbiedo7(zone 8 Texas)

If you still have any of the alta I would love to get a few starts.

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