Any experience with corn meal gluten on areas other than lawns?

Lisa_Michelle(z6 PA)August 26, 2005

I was wondering if anyone has had experience using corn meal gluten on areas other than grass. I have a large area in the front of my yard that is part shade garden (that is mulched) with the remaining area covered with wood chips (no plantings). I had a large load of wood chips spread last autumn, which really reduced the amount of weeding this year. But I was considering raking up the wood chips and seed the area as a means of eliminating the task of weeding and using Round-Up (which I do loathe using) on the tenacious tree seedlings with deep tap roots. It's pretty shady, so I've been reluctant to seed for that reason. I was wondering if I could spread corn meal gluten on the woodchips as a pre-emergent treatment, as there will be plenty of new seeds just waiting to germinate next year. Or would I do better to bite the bullet, seed this autumn, and spread the corn meal gluten in the spring?

Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks!!

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I've heard (!) that CMG in the perennial bed could cause stunted growth of the perennials. Applying the CMG this fall will not effect any spring seedlings. And, a hoe will knock down those tree seedlings easily if caught early.

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Lisa_Michelle(z6 PA)

Thanks for your feedback!
I've pretty much decided that it won't be too effective, based on other feedback and some info I found when I Googled it. It seems to take care of a lot of weeds that are typically found in lawns, and there isn't much promotion for it for use in other areas. The area I am working with is open enough that using a spreader would be easy, which is what made me think of CGM.

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Hawkeye_Belle(z6 PA)

I've used both CGM and Preen. The CGM is outrageously expensive and does not work as well as the Preen. Both only control plants from seeding. Any perennial weeds will come back if not pulled up by the roots.

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Lisa_Michelle(z6 PA)

Thanks for the suggestion- I'll check out the Preen.

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