onca156(6b ON)March 20, 2005

I just purchased a package of 'passiflora caerulea'. The instructions say "seeds must be prechilled and soaked for 24 hours before seeding". Does that mean do both at once? Does anyone else prechill their seed before planting?

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

Huh? Prechill? I've never heard of that...
I do soak my seeds for a day or so in orange juice before I plant them- I read somewhere it leaches out the germination inhibitors. Seems to work well at least with my caerulea seeds as they'll germinate in a week or so. Others tho... Sigh. I picked up some digitata seeds last spring- Soaked 'em.. Planted 'em... Crossed fingers.... They're just now germinating, 10 months later.
I guess the moral of that story is never throw out passion flower seeds. There's some other varieties in the same flat who still haven't done a thing. I'll probably wait untill about this time next year & use the dirt to top-dress some pots... THen (just my luck) everything will sprout & I'll have a bunch (more) of mystery plants.

But no, I wouldn't bother prechilling them. I don't think you'll kill 'em as caerulea can survive pretty low temps (mom has a few who live through snow) but I sure wouldn't chill any tropical varieties.

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onca156(6b ON)

Thanks for the reply.

I did soak the seeds in orange juice and planted them about a week ago and am applying bottom heat.

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Mels3000(z3 AB)

My package also suggested prechilling and soaking. I set them in water and in the fridge for 24 hours. Did your seeds germinate yet?

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

I wonder.. Are you guys buying from the same supplier?

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onca156(6b ON)

The seeds haven't germinated yet. But it's only been a couple of weeks, I also bought a passion fruit from the grocery store, It was yellow; would anybody happen to know what type of passiflora this came from?
As to supplier, I purchased the seeds from a store, prepackaged (McKenzie Seeds)

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onca156(6b ON)

The 'passiflora caerulea' prepackaged seeds haven't germinated yet after soaking in orange juice and prechilling . I planted the seeds almost a month ago.

I puchased a passion fruit from the grocery store approximately two weeks ago (the outside of the passion fruit was lemon yellow in colour); planted the seeds without soaking or prechilling. They're starting to sprout now...

I wonder if the faster germination rate was because of the fresh seed of the grocery store passion fruit? Would anybody happen to know what kind of passiflora this fruit came from?

Thanks in advance!

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