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sputnikfarmMarch 18, 2005

1.What passiflora would you recommend for a hanging basket morning sun afternoon shade and morning shade afternnon sun in zone 10/sunset 23-ish? Both to grow over pergola/arbors.

2. Are there any passiflora that do not have runners?

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

Pretty much anything. Pick one with a flower you like (or 47 like me..) and plant it. The tropicals may need shelter in the winter- 'Ruby Glow" can make it here in Z9 but true Quads need to be brought in. My biflora died during a cold snap.. It's quite sensative I guess. Edulis, caerulea, sunburst, lavender, alto-caerulea, incense... All will do fine.

I haven't seen one that doesn't vine but that doesn't mean there's not one out there. (Experts step up)

IN a hanging basket the vines will hang at first.. But then start climbing all over each other & eventually up the thing it hangs from. It will be a small (and quite annoying) afternoon project to unravel it. Even 2 or 3 together in the window sill can get to be quite a mess after a bit. But it might look cool in a basket.

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