Passion Fruit Vine

wally_1936(8b)March 30, 2013

I received the seeds from St. Lucia in the East Indies but I have never seen leaves for any Passion Fruit plant with leaves like these have.

I just emailed my friend from the West Indies and he says this plant should start bearing fruit soon. Looks like I need to wait and see what type fruit so I can post new photos then.

I still do not have any idea what kind of plant this is as he still calls it a passion fruit plant.

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It reminds me of a hollyhock seedling. Those seed out really aggressively.

Here is a link that might be useful: Google image search of Hollyhock seedlings

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We raised a lot of hollyhocks and the seeds do not look anything like hollyhocks. The seeds came from the East Indies and they still had some of the pulp stuck to the seeds which are round, hard and dark, almost black. So I suspect they are some type vine so will have to wait until they produce blooms this summer.

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Any chance that whatever came up is not from the seeds that you planted? Seeds fall into pots, and if soil was previously used it can be full of all sorts of stuff.

If your soil was sterile and there's no chance anything fell into it that's a different story.

The seeds you planted didn't look like Hollyhocks. Do the seedlings? If you are familiar with them you should be able to rule this out as a possibility.

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That looks a little like okra seedlings but I'm not sure.

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None of the above, but they are still growing so maybe by the time our summer gets a good running start they may let me know. The seeds almost look like okra seeds but still not the same and the pulp on the seeds says they are not okra as they never have anything on the seeds as okra seeds come out dry without any substance attached plus they do not have a very smooth shell. As I said they were a gift from a member from the East Indies. So far they have not started to vine.

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At this point, if you are curious what they are, you should post on the "Name that plant" forum. There are some people there who are very good at plant identification.

There is zero chance those are Passiflora seedlings.

Here is a link that might be useful: Name that plant forum

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