plant swap near Pittsburgh sunday Sept. 16th

pattygrow5(z6Pa)August 24, 2007

We are having a plant swap in my neighbors huge yard that she and I are hosting. We will have the plant swaping first a covered dish lunch afterwards.we are inviting lots of gardeners. It is 10 minutes from Pittburgh on Troy Hill if you are interested I will e-mail you directions It will be 10AM to 1PM that way if you have something else to do that day we will be done early.Also if you would like to bring a garden item other than plants as a doorprize your name will be entered for the doorprize drawings(could be handmade garden signs, tools things like that)I hope to see some of you gardenwebbers. Post here and I will get directions to you.


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wolfe15136(z6 PA)

I can probably make that!

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fusty_overalls(z6 PA)

Yay! I'll be there! Let us know any specifics on what we should bring.

WHAT I PLAN TO BRING: I have a really cool fig tree that I got at another plant swap. Once I got it home and realized that I'd have to do special care for it to overwinter it, I began to doubt my enthusiasm. I'm more of a "poke-it-in-the-ground and hope-for-the-best" kind of gardener. So, I plan on bringing it. It's grown quite well in the big pot I have it in and is looking really healthy and green.

I also have a lot of purple cone flowers and rudbeckia that I just don't know if I should bring or not. Anyone else who has them already has a LOT of them, I'm sure. If anyone is interested in them, please let me know...I can bring a very generous trade of either of them.

I have some jack-in-the-pulpit plants that don't look all that great right now just because it's that time of year for them...they'll transplant well and will look beautiful next year. I have a few trades of them.

Other things I might be able to bring:
- columbine (light pink doubles)
- yellow or burgundy iris
- tulip tree seedlings
- ginko tree seedlings
- red sedum
- hmmmm...I'll have to go out to look in my garden to see what else.

I am looking for a money tree plant, a quaking aspen tree/seedling, flowering bushes, another chinese lantern (patty?).

I'll bring some fruit salad, too, for the covered dish lunch.

Sounds like fun! See ya then!

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wolfe15136(z6 PA)

I have hostas and siberian iris and things I never got planted.

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Hi, Wolfe we would love to have you and any plants you'd like to bring e-mail me at my address above and I will send you directions
Fusty I'm sure someone would trade for your coneflower and rudbeckia I moved my chinese lanterns and the plant is pretty small but they spread like weeds I will look where they were before I bet I can find you some as for the money tree do you mean lunaria with the white oval shaped seed pods? they are biennials I have a wintersown seedling that will bloom next year I can bring for you, my jack in the pulpit I got from you is huge and has a huge head of berries right now .
I personaly am looking for anything I don't have which sometimes can be tuff as you know Fusty anything on my list
I was in my garden looking I am going to bring at least one of these
great blue lobelia
anise hyssop
bee balm
joe pye weed
trumpet vine
plus many others
I have a list of 30 things to dig up and another list of things to check on

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Sorry we won't see you at our Western PA Fall Plant Swap on Sept. 8th, Patty. Could you come and leave early, if the band festival is early in the day? Thank goodness my daughters' festivals were evening events!

Anyway, since our swap is close to Pittsburgh too, why don't all of you posting here consider coming to our swap on the 8th, then Patty's the next weekend, on the 16th? We'd love to have all of you!


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Hi!! I'd like to try to be there as well!! I will be looking in my garden as well---and a covered dish--?? What would you like?? I'm a baker more than a cook....:)

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