Hey BECKY [cyberianblonde]

hardrockkid(z6 (PA))August 14, 2006

Saw your photo on the butterfly thread (great shot BTW)... looks like the butterfly is on a Black and Blue Salvia, no?

I'm wondering if this is hardy for you?

From what I've read, sounds like zone 6 is about the borderline for that plant -- but sometimes those things are underestimated (and of course, sometimes overestimated too).

I planted a few this year (sold as annuals), and am wondering whether to leave them in the ground or try digging/overwintering in basement. (Although sometimes those "Yeah, I'll dig and overwinter!" end up going south in the fall, so I could end up finding out hardiness whichever way I decide.)

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hardrockkid, I'm not Becky but I'm in z6 PA. and my black & blue came back for me.

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cyberianblonde(z6 PA)

Hey Hardrock,
Sorry I took so long to get back to you I've been away for a few days.
But to answer your question. I also planted them as annuals. I had no expectation of them returning. But they sure did!! I did nothing to protect them. However they are only about 10 feet from the house and breezeway not really out in the open.
I have to warn you tho. They came back HUGE. I'd say mine are now about 4'tall and almost as big around.
I plan on digging them up this fall and moving them to the back yard. Since they will really be exposed back there I will mulch them over and hope for the best.
They have really taken over the bed I planted them in so it's really a necessity. Also, just FYI it's the only plant I've noticed a hummer around. BUT...it doesn't smell very good and silly me I have it planted near some roses.
What a DUFUS!!
So when I go out to smell the roses or lavender I have to wade in thru the B&B cat box smell to get to the roses.
Oh well we live and learn right?
LOL...this is probably more than you wanted to know but I thought I'd share what I learned about this plant.
Oh...just remembered something else....I always have those big fuzzy bees flying around it and it's near the entrance to my house. Another reason to move it. Some people in my family get pretty freaked when they see them even tho I'm out there every day and have never been bothered by them.
Thus ends my dissertation......grin
Hope it helps.

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hardrockkid(z6 (PA))


Naw... the more the better! Thanks (and to Ronnie as well).

I have been surprised at how large my Black & Blues have gotten in only 1 summer! So mine would also need to be in a different spot next year.

I really haven't noticed a disagreeable odor... but can't say I have sniffed too closely. Now I'm curious to check that out.

But even so, the cool flowers and the Hummer attraction (I also had a couple visiting the "B&B") make it a winner for me.

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