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mboston_gwMarch 6, 2006

The flower below came from a three lobed leaf vine found at Lowes. The tag said Passiflora pfordtii but the picture on the tag had pale flower petals with darker sepals. The sticky paper tag on the container said purple passion vine. Does anyone know the exact name and if my butterflies (Zebra Longwings and Gulf Frits) will both like it?

Sorry the picture is fuzzy. The filaments (correct term?) are not really as blue as they look, more purplish.

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

Might be 'lavender lady' or Amethyst.. I've seen either or at Lowes.

Apparently Pfordtii is synonomous with alatocaerulea aka belotti which is definately not what you have.

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Thanks, I thought it looked like a picture of Amethyst that I saw on another post. Will my butterflies lay on it?

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