Maybe We Can Get Some Roses Now

chescobob(z6b SEPA)August 17, 2005

While it was raining slowly yesterday, I gave my 33 first-year rose bushes a nice feeding. The devil beetles have been in charge of them since mid-June but I think they are going to let me have them back the remainder of the season.

This morning, after the rain, I picked several Fragrant Clouds and a couple of Scentimentals and put them in a vase together. I have another vase with a Veteran's Honor, a couple of Angel Faces, an About Face, and another Fragrant Cloud. I also did a second trimming of the bushes to remove beaten down branches and some old blooms I missed this past weekend.

I hope I get a bunch of blooms soon. My Full Sail is loaded with buds--and if the devils are gone--it will be sepctacular. Even Black Bacarra and Tamora are getting in the spirit.

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witsend22(6Pa Bedford Co)

Weeding and fertilizing roses is all I got done yesterday in the rain.

Is fragrant cloud a good winter hardy rose for our zone. Its one I have been thinking of planting next spring

I lost my angelface and grenada to winter kill this year so replace replace I must lol.

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chescobob(z6b SEPA)

I'm going to find out myself this Winter. This is my first year here in SW Chester County with roses. For the past decades, I was about 100 miles south of here on the D. C. Beltway in MD with my rose gardens at my previous house.

Down there, I did have Fragrant Clouds, Rio Sambas, Double Delights, Elinas, and Ingrid Bergman and they came back every year for the 7 years I had them.

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Sally_D(z6b PA)

I am in Bucks County. Last year I didn't lose 1 of my 100 roses. I was actually surprised. I thought I would lose a couple. I am now up to 150 so this winter will be interesting. Actually, I think we are closer to a zone 7 than 6b. Our temps. don't go below 0. At our office in town, it is definitely a zone 7 or 8. I can't believe what survives there.

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witsend22(6Pa Bedford Co)

not sure what zone im in now with the "new" zone map but was a 5/6 depending which side of the street I was on lol

got energized after reading this post and went out and took some cuttings. Maybe they will take this time haven't had much luck here but have started some sucessfully in jersey at mom moms.

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chescobob(z6b SEPA)

I'm still getting 1 or 2 beetles in the light colored roses. I'm going out now and see if I can get some Full Sail blooms for a vase.

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chescobob(z6b SEPA)

Well, I was a little lucky. The beetles are still sleepy and I had a chance to pick some undamaged roses.

I have two vases full with blooms from Full Sail, Royal Amethyst, The McCartney Rose, Fragrant Plum, Radiant Perfume, Fragrant Cloud, and even a Tamora. I had to pick some a little early and I am hoping they can open.

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