store bought fruit -growing seed ?

greenman62March 21, 2013

Hi All,
I have been wanting to grow passionflower for sometime
I saw some fruit at a local market and bought one.
(passiflora edulis i think)
it was purplish with yellow fruit and small seeds.

I planted atleast 40 seeds, some in the ground in 2 different spots.
Some in a planter i bring in at night when its cool.
I dont think the ones in the ground experienced temps under 50, and i know the ones in the planter did not get under 60 degrees.

Its been about 2 weeks and i havent seen one seedling ?
How long do they take, and will they sprout from a store-bought fruit ?


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The seeds will produce many vines. HOW LONG it will take for them to sprout is relative to the temps you provide - patience is the necessary virtue in growing from seed!

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