Getting Ready for Fall and Winter

gldno1September 9, 2008

It seems to be that time again.

So yesterday I got all my pots from Dorothy's Digs in the ground, plus my two rose cuttings of the Aloha rose I have.

Just have left the hen and chicks and I think I will just set them on the gravel at the base of the old cistern planter by the back door. Feels good not to be going into winter with stuff still in pots.

I mowed the yard. It was needing it pretty badly after the rain.

Also made another run to the local orchard for a bushel of Jonathons....they are my favorites for everything.

He was picking semi-ripe Golden Delicious worried because the cold front could bring hail which destroys the crop. Hope he is wrong on that point. The prettiest thing was the row of Red Delicious on the trees. I sure wish I had the camera with me.

What are you all doing garden wise for the colder weather?

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Are we talking about fall/winter of '08? I feel like I'm still getting ready for '07. lol I truly am behind. I have a lot of weeds but mostly where my annuals are growing. I guess it will be easier when I rip out all the annuals instead of trying to weed around them but it's still a little early for that. The rains that we had beat them down and they're not blooming very well but there's still a few butterflies around so I'll leave them for awhile.

I bought a viburnum back in July that I haven't planted yet. It was so hot at the time. I need to get it in the ground soon. I have another pot with four butterfly bushes in it that I rooted. I still haven't decided whether to plant them or put the pot in my garage for the winter. They're pretty small.

I keep thinking about stuff I need to do instead of things that I've already done. lol

There are two black walnut trees in our front yard with limbs heavy with walnuts hanging over our driveway.

Ok I've thought of something that I've done to get ready for winter. Our asphalt driveway sealed and ready. : )

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We have to start somewhere Christie! Just kidding.

I think this is the first year I have had everything out of pots and into the ground....don't really know why.

Still haven't begun relocating the rows of daylilies and iris yet, but will start soon. I was waiting for cooler weather and rain and we got that, so no excuses for me now.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I planted three plants today that have been sitting around in their plastic nursery pots. I have been taking cuttings of sun coleus so I can pot up small plants for window sills. I bought some potting mix so I can pot things I am buying on sale. That way it doesn't matter if I don't get them in the ground. I'll have them in big pots that I'll put leaves around. I worked outside most of the day today and got flithy dirty. Do other women get this dirty?

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helen, I get so dirty that I can't believe it. I always laugh when I watch gardening shows and the women are out in long, cotton skirts or pants and have nice straw hats on and not a speck of dirt on them anywhere.....that's not gardening in my book!

Sounds like you are moving right along for fall. I can winter over things outside if I put them right next to a building and mound straw or leaves over them. Hopefully, I won't have any to do this year.

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bunny6(7 AR)

HI everyone! Helen, I get dirty, too. I start off with a pair of gloves which last about 10 minutes then there goes the finger nails. I get dirt on my arm and legs. I look horrible after I work in the garden.

I planted my granmother's rose cuttings for her. I have weeded my gardens, and I am waiting for my leaves to fall, so I can chop them up with the lawn mower and put them on the garden. I also still have to transplant some lilies. Not alot to do when you have small gardens. I have ordered three roses for spring (Westerland, Julia Child and Queen Elizabeth). QE is a blackspot magnet, so I know I will have to spray. I love her blooms. I am also in the process of ordering seeds for next year.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I like westerland; isn't it kind of orangish. I'm pretty sure I had it and liked it very well. I planted a knockout the other day and dug a huge hole, improved the soil, and gave it air circulation in a full sun place. It had better live.

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All of you sound like you have been very busy.
Trying to get a few things done here as well.
I'm going to go dig up and repot some of the things that I can't leave outside this winter.
I have to just hang on with my large flower beds. Since I am going to move them a start over. I'm going to wait until everything is done blooming etc.
I could not believe how big my EE's got this year. They were not suppose to be that big. I measured one the other day and it was 32'Lx27 1/2"w.
The report for soil said what I thought. My beds had leached the majority of what I put in out. Very low in nitrogen and the potassium was high. So that is my no growth and yellowing. the Ph was fine. Iron low also, so there ws the stunted and pail.
When I talked to the man at the nursery. He told me so many people w/raised beds had a big problem w/leaching this year w/all the rain.
I was just so glad I didn't find any "bug ect".
but I did talk to him about my plants and he seems to think w/lack of things maybe I had meldew in some of my plants w/all the water.
Now 2 of my beds are looking like they should in June, crazy.
So I am going to work on winterizing the house more until the flowers are ready to be yanked.
As for dirty working out in the yard. lol. I go out in old clothe and come in so dirty I don't want to touch anything until I shower. I get so dirty and sweaty I sometimes think if someone was to stop by they could smell me before the seen me in the yard. lol. But I really enjoy being outside. too depressing to be inside all the time (winter).

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