Signs of autumn!

annld(6B PA)August 29, 2006

I can't believe it, but I'm starting to see some signs that autumn is approaching. A few leaves on my burning bushes have started to "burn," and a neighbor's tree (not sure what kind) is turning a bit red on top. Speaking as someone who hates the summer heat, I'm really happy about this! I have to admit that the last few weeks (after the heat wave) have been very nice here, despite the drought. And I do love my summer blooms, but I really love the fall temps and colors!

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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

I was thinking the same thing on my commute this morning... Sycamores have started dropping their leaves onto the roads. September used to be my favorite month, but I think 9/11 changed that.

But hey, we still have 23 days of summer left!

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My poplar trees are starting to turn yellow and my mums are really starting to bloom. Fall is a great time of year for working in the garden.

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

i was thinking the same thing. as a matter of fact, i started "clean up" as if it was actually the time to do it. the nights have been a little cooler, weather wise, reminding me of fall, which is one of my favorite seasons. further upstate over the weekend, i could see signs that certain trees were beginning their change.

change of seasons....what a wonderful idea God had!

be well all, happy blooms

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Our poplar trees are turning yellow too. That is the best thing about fall around my house the yellowing of the poplar trees. I love seeing falls vibrant colors! My mums and sedum our starting to bloom as well. I love the cooler temps too. I just hope Ernesto doesn't dump too much rain on us. We do need rain but not so much at 1 time.

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naturenut_pa(z6 PA)

Autumn...I'm depressed about it already.
Autumn does have advantages: bringing sheets off of the line that are crisp from the dry air, sleeping in a hammock on a cool Sunday afternoon, sitting around a fire on a cool night.
But I LOVE the summer heat. I'll miss biking or mowing the lawn when it's really hot outside. I can't say that I dislike autumn, I just don't want summer to come to an end!

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I noticed our sugar Maple trees are atarting to turn color at the top and the Dogwood are showing signs of fall coming.

I can't stand too much heat so I really look forward to Autumn.

Naturenut---do you really like to mow in the heat---phew !!!


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Well it is officially Fall here no matter what the calendar says. This morning it was 36. Yesterday I looked out my window and both my bird feeders and peanut feeder were smashed on the ground. I saw the bear the day before and took his picture and he ran from the feeders but I guess he decided to wait til it was dark to feast on the seeds. Oh well he gets hungry too. Guess I better get some cuttings before frost comes. Sigh! Where did summer go?

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A few more advantages of Autumn - the weeds stop invading and tomato vines and other spent vegetable and ornamental plants kind of start shrinking, so there's less work to do and less bulk to dispose of during garden cleanup.

hay naturenut pa, imma biking pa nut and imo fall's the best time to do it in keystone. lots of reasons on lots of great pa trails. lol


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