Trying fall radishes

christie_sw_mo(Z6)September 4, 2010

The MU Guide Planting Calendar says to plant radishes August 1st through 20th but it was so hot and dry. I'm going to try planting seeds this weekend and hope they have time to finish. I have seeds for Crimson Giant and Watermelon Radish. It's cold this morning but supposed to be back in the 80's this week so that should be warm enough to germinate right?

This is my first try with radishes so your wisdom is welcome.

Should I try a few in containers or would I have better luck in the ground?

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

That is a good idea; I suppose it is too late for lettuce. The rain has renewed my interest in growing something but I haven't forgotten the minidrought. I need to cut back on ornamentals because I have more than I can take care of.

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Christie, I planted Daikon and Chinese Red Meat (Is that the same as Watermelon?)last year in early Sept and got a great crop of both before it frosted. Of course I am south of you but both of those were hardy enough to take light frost. I planted both again this year a week ago last Friday along with French Breakfast after that rain and they are all up now.

It may be too late for lettuce where you are but spinach would probably do. I had spinach overwinter--through 2 zero nights--last winter and picked the last of it in April before the spring planted crop came on. Good luck.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I bought winter radish seeds and forgot to plant them; I wonder if it is too late?

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I hope someone comments. I've only grown radishes once. The ones I planted in a large container sprouted but never grew into radishes. The ones I planted in the ground did much better but some of those disappeared when they were seedlings (maybe slugs), so I ended up with very few.

I bought some radish seeds in the spring I forgot about too. Mine are 'French Breakfast' and on the Burpee site it says 25 days to mature. The Accuweather 15 day forecast says it's going to stay in the 70's and no frost in the forecast thru Oct 12th. Maybe I should try some.
Does yours have the days to maturity marked on the pack Helen?

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I have lots of kinds of radishes but the ones I am looking for are sold as winter radishes by Sandhill. I am digging in my seeds and apparently I have put them in a very safe place. I know I ordered them. I found some bulk radish seed packets not labeled, Champion, Spring Radish Mix, Easter Egg, and French Breakfast but there are more somewhere. I also got out poppy seeds to sprinkle around.

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That is a good idea; I suppose it is too late for lettuce.

It's not too late for lettuce.. go for it! It's one of the quickest growing crops you can plant.

Go for it with radishes too... You never know what kind of weather we'll have it may stay warm enough long enough to get a great crop! Try it and let us know!

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I planted my daikon and Chinese red meat in August this year and they are large enough to eat now, but not yet full size. Unfortunately they are a bit hotter than they were last year and year before. Too much hot weather after they came up. So I will saute them with onions and greens and sprinkle with vinegar and salt and eat them anyway. Cooking a bit takes out some of the heat. French Breakfast matures in only 25-30 days, but fall radishes take twice as long.

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