Blanket Flowers - hope these come back next year

christie_sw_mo(Z6)September 24, 2012

I've been on a Blanket Flower kick this year. I winter sowed gaillardia pulchella and gaillardia grandiflora mix seeds and planted out about twenty altogether. Only about half have bloomed and I've lost track of which is which.

I'm sure these three are from the Grandiflora mix though:

This might be g. pulchella

I grew 'Arizona Apricot' from seed and only three germinated but all three are still alive and blooming a little.

Arizona Apricot:

I also bought two 'Mesa Yellow' on clearance at Lowe's and finally got those planted this week. The blooms are solid yellow - no picture because they've quit blooming.

Group shot with rudbeckia:

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Those are beautiful. You winter sowed just last winter? Planting perennial seed is smarter than buying plants if you can think that far ahead and wait. I bought an oranges and lemons plant 2011 and liked it but it did not survive.

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I winter sowed them sometime around late January this year. It's technically a perennial and will bloom the first year from seed but so many references say "short lived", I wonder if most will end up being annuals for me.

The one with tuberlar petals in the first photo was the earliest one to bloom. It started around late May and has been blooming off and on all summer. I have some that don't even have buds yet, but in all fairness, I think those are getting a little too much shade and root competition from my tulip tree.

I've seen a lot of good comments from people growing Arizona Apricot so I'm really hoping those come back next year. Mine are still small.

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Those are gorgeous! My yellow ones never came back but I have some that look like your second picture and they have been coming back for several years now and have self-seeded a little bit.

I love the mix of them in that bottom picture.

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