can i cross edilus and incarnata ?

greenman62March 7, 2014

I have an incarnata that "should" come back this spring.
last year was my first year growing passiflora, but my maypop got huge.

I know i am supposed to need another maypop to be able to have fruit right ?

I made a cuple of trades and acquired an Edulis cutting
(still waiting for it to take)
, and i also bought an Edulis.

BTW... i also have a Caerulea in the yard

So my question is, will the Edulis pollinate my incarnata?

and do the Edulis need 2 different plants to pollinate/fruit ?

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I think the P. caerulea would be the more likely cross. P. Loefgrenii is a good pollinator if you can get ahold of one. There are plenty of complex hybrid mixes. There are many knowledgable people who could help you here. I specifically bought P. loefgrenii for it's pollinating abilities.

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Thanks morningloree
i am not sure if i really want just a carulea as the polinator, might not be the best flavored fruit.
I was hoping to get more feedback though.

do the Edulis need 2 different plants to pollinate/fruit ?
can i get a good tasting fruit from an Edulis and Maypop cross ?
Or Caerulea and Maypop ?
Or Caerulea and Edulis ?

Anyone ?

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The pollen source won't affect the taste of the fruit. The "better" the pollination, the more seeds (and edible arils), though.

The pollen source will affect fruit taste if you grow up the seedlings. Again, the taste of the seedling's fruit will be independent of the source of pollen.

I guess one could call P. incarnata x P. edulis P. 'Incredulis'?

That would be pollen from P. edulis, P. incarnata the mother...

Purple varieties of P. edulis (P. edulis f. edulis) are self fertile, yellow ones (P. edulis flavicarpa) are not self fertile (there may be very rare exceptions to this). The hybrids, which are often red, are somewhere in between, although most varieties sold to be grown in the garden are self-fertile.

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I guess one could call P. incarnata x P. edulis P. 'Incredulis'?
Luv it :)

I can not beleive that this cross has not happened before ?
arent these 2 very common varieties ?

the Edulis is Purple Possum.
i didnt think any passiflora were self-fertile, i hadnt looked into it, it was just the feeling i got from reading several posts.
good to know.

and so if i pollinate the Incarnata or Edulis with the Carulea
the fruit should be good, but the seeds would be F1 and the plants from that seed would probably be like one of the parents, and may not produce fruit ?
sorry for the ignorance, but its been a long time since i read anything on this.

might be fun to play around with crosses anyway

thanks for the input

interesting link i found crossing them

Here is a link that might be useful: Development of Tetraploid Hybrid Passion Fruit Clones with Potential for the North Temperate Zone

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Hi Brad,

The cross has been made. I think the paper you link to describes P. 'Byron Beauty', which is a tetraploid cross people still grow. Also, P. 'Tinalandia' is P. edulis flavicarpa x P. incarnata. There may be others that are named hybrids. There's a guy in San Diego now who is making a ton of hybrids; I'm pretty sure P. edulis x P. incarnata is among them. It's not clear to me if any of his hybrids ever get named and registered, though.

There are a number of self-fertile Passifloras, such as many varieties of P. foetida, several Tacsonias such as P. antioquiensis and P. tarminiana, some Decalobas such as P. herbertiana and P. bogotensis, P. loefgrenii 'Corupa'. I don't think I've seen a complete list, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of obvious ones.

I would expect the products of a cross to be like both parents. Self-fertility is unpredictable. P. 'Mission Dolores' (P. parritae x P. antioquiensis) is an example of a self-fertile hybrid with only one self-fertile parent (P. antioquiensis).

I think the general rule is that if P. caerulea is one parent of a hybrid, the fruit will taste bad.

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