Windmill Palm with brown leaves

JorgePachira(7a)January 30, 2012

Hello everyone,

I am just new to this site and I believe it's the right place to find the answers and help for a Windmill palm I am taking care of.

All I know is that the soil is 1 part of sand and 1 part of bagging soil.

It's in an office site and the problem is that the leaves are turning dark brown (I do not find how to upload pictures on this site).

I read many threads in different websites and there is no clear answer to me whether the soil has to be moist all the time or not, when to water and how much.

Remember it's inside an office space with central heath.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards from BC, Canada.

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Hi, Welcome to the site!

As for your windmill palm, there are a few things that could be causing the problem.

If its close to a heater, then the air is definitely way too dry for it. Windmill palms like humid air and dont do as well in dry situations (but they usually manage to do very well indoors when not directly near a source of heat).

Also the soil can dry out a little bit. It should be moist, never soaked in water. Put your finger in the soil and its the soil is a little moist on top, then its good and you dont have to water. If its starting to get dry on top then give it just a little bit water. I rarely water mine during the winter (and it stays outside whenever night temperatures are above 25F which means most of the winter this year)

So its either too wet, too dry, or gets too much dry air. A drafty window might work well for a windmill palm. It would get some fresh air and probably more moist air as well. But the cooler it is, the less you have to water it so dont over water it if its in temperatures that are cold.

I never water mine when its below 60 degrees outside (rain water is the only water it gets and sometimes I will protect it from that water as well), but when its in the 70s or higher outside, I make sure its always getting enough water.

Good luck!

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Thank you tropicalzone7.
Appreciate all this info!

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