pictures straight from the tropics - enjoy!

cmventuraJanuary 25, 2011

I was in Honolulu last week January 14-24 and always make time to go to the Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens near Kaneohe. Although I live in Santa Monica, CA and have a good climate for growing lots of tropicals, L.A's climate is far from forget what the tropics really feel like (even though I was born and raised in the Panamanian tropics)....Honolulu was hot and humid, the sun was intense, the trade winds blowing and the usual 4 o'clock shower would dampen the soil with fresh, clean water from the Central Pacific...just another typical day in the tropics....anyway, here are some pictures I'm sure you guys will enjoy. Aloha!

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Thanks for sharing! I needed to see some warm pictures and I love Hawaii! Hope you enjoyed the heat as much I as I enjoyed the pics.

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Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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been there multiple times... best garden on the island! I must have taken 1000 photos there myself. There are about 6 other botanical gardens on the island, some nearly as nice... did you see any of them, too (Audobon center, Waimea, Fosters, Koko Crater etc.)?

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Yes, we always go to the Ho'omaluhia Gardens, it's a must while in O'ahu. I've also been to Wahiawa Botanical and Waimea....but my favorite is Ho'omaluhia...I guess the Ko'olaus as the backdrop really makes it feel like a special place.

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Those pics are ****ing awesome.

What palm tree is this?

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@palmtreeguy...the label on the palm read "Veitchia SP. from New Caledonia - Arecacae Palm Family"....seeds are deep red and I managed to smuggle some back into Cali ;-)

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HardyPalmFreak((7b)(Bronx, NY))

I need a vacation........pronto!

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Man,thats just plain cheating to top my palms of Hayward!
Maybe because I've never been to the tropics, I'm sort of the type that is just as impressed as seeing what I know here as borderline or house plants that are just grown to huge sizes and perfection in Hawaii as I am over what I have never seen outside in California. Some-many- exceptions to that rule for sure-flowering tree's,epiphytes, or even Breadfruit tree I havent even seen in greenhouses are eye popppers in tropical photos.
But,show those huge Monstera's and its breathtaking...

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