Looking for reputable Passiflora growers in the US.

roly0217March 14, 2010

Hello everybody !!! I ordered some passifloras from Springhill nursery but recently found out that they don't have the best of stock so I want to know of good sources where to get preferably plants but if not seeds as well. Vines are completely new to me but I decided that if I was going to start with them it would be Passifloras.

Thanks for the help !!!

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The top 2 sites:

Grassy Knoll Exotics - www.gkexoticplants.com

Brushwood Nursery - www.gardenvines.com

I have worked many times with both Elizabeth, (GK) and Dan, (BN), and they both are very nice people who will provide you with great plants.

Grassy Knoll has a larger selection. I have ordered from Elizabeth many times over the years. She has some that you can get nowhere else in the US.

Brushwood sells much larger plants, but has less selection so far. He tells me that he is planning on greatly expanding his offerings over the next year or 2.

I would buy from both!! Actually, I do!

But there are plenty of sites I would stay away from, Spring Hill being one of them for many reasons. Aloha Tropicals, I also do not like, largely because so many of their plants are mislabeled, (that drives me crazy). Logees is overpriced for the size of the plants. Zone 9 topicals has very large, nice plants, but the shipping is very expensive.

Micheal Kartuz, (from Kartuz Greenhouses) is a great guy, but I have never ordered from him. I would bet that you get good plants, but I really don't know. It would be worth a try if he has something you are looking for.

That's my opinion, anyway.

Have fun!!


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Just thought that I'd give Grassy Knoll another vote.

Elizabeth Peters at Grassy Knoll is extremely nice, as Eric indicated, and is also incredibly helpful. She also seems to have a policy (I know of one exception) of pricing her Passifloras the same regardless of how hard-to-find they are. She sells a lot of things that can only be found on Ebay for several times as much.

I bought a Passiflora from Kartuz many years ago, at the Nursery (which I have visited several times). Although I have not ordered mail order from him I would certainly recommend him as a source of plants.

I bought a plant from Potato Rock Nursery that I was very happy with. A check suggests that he's not selling any Passiflora at the moment, although I supppose that could change. He sells a lot of other interesting stuff (I just noticed Lapageria rosea, for example).

Other than that my purchases have been local, mostly from Strybing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grassy Knoll Exotic Plants

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jkrup44(9B FL)

Although I haven't tried the others, I will also recommend Grassy Knoll. I have ordered from them on a few occasions and I have been happy every time. Good customer service and always healthy plants.

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Thanks everybody for your imput. I guess that I'll be ordering from Grassy Knolls soon then. I just want to see how these ones that I ordered do and then order from Elizabeth. Thanks again and Happy Gardening !!!

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Put this on another of your posts but since you do live in Florida, you have a wonderful source at Butterfly World. They have a wide variety of plants and you wouldn't have to pay postage. Its Coconut Grove (?) and is a great place to visit to see the butterflies Passionvines will attract (and caterpillars will eat)!

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It's in Coconut Creek and the do have a great selection of plants. They have many more available on site then is listed on their website. I love going to Butterfly World. The gardens are gorgeous as are the butterflies and hummers.

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I ordered passion vine collection from Springhill and it should be coming in about a week or so.... Now roly0217 got me worrying. How do you know they dont have good plants?

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Springhill has one of the worst reputations. You can check on www.gardenwatchdog.com. 360 positives, 130 neutrals &
325 negatives GW won't allow links to their site any longer. I wouldn't buy from a nursery that has just a few negatives and over 50% of their customers posted either neutral or negative feedback.

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Please don't worry. You will likely get plants that do just fine. Just don't expect them to be very large when you get them, and be aware that until you see them bloom and can get a positive ID on it, you may not have the ones you think you do. Also, SH does not have great temperature requirement info. You are best off doing some of your own research before deciding where to plant them, especially if you were thinking about putting them in the ground.

Oh, and I have ordered several times from Spring Hill... just not Passifloras. Once in a while they have something I cannot seem to find anywhere else, so I go for it. I would say about half the time I am satisfied with what I get, and the other half I am not... no biggie.

At least now you know where to buy Passifloras from in the future!!

Also, I never mentioned Ebay. I have heard mixed reports about some sellers, but I can at least speak for two as being solid. Jim Nevers and Kevin... can't remember his last name. I know both of them personally, and can verify they both have great plants and are very particular about being positive on the ID of the plants they send. If you see any being sold by them, fear not!


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