A Little Surprise This Morning

gldno1September 16, 2009

When I was doing my morning walk about of things, I was surprised by this aster in among the Becky daisies.

It is about 20 or so feet north of the original planting that I got two years ago at the Master Gardeners' Sale, I didn't know they would spread that way.

I think I will leave it there. At least the ugly legs are hidden. I do love the color of this aster.

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I've never known them to spread, is it a possibility that there was some root stock included in the daisy pot when you planted?

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Violet, this bed has been planted for several years. The only new addition was the native aster planted a couple of years ago. I have taken lots of pictures of this bed and the aster was never there before. I have had lots of strange things in my gardening year.

For instance, I planted my usual white-seeded pole bean Kwintus this year on the hoop house frame. When I did my first picking I saw lots of long, slender, 'round' podded beans along with the flat Roma-like Kwintus. I am letting seeds mature now and the new round one is a light brown color........I had only planted Kwintus last year and besides this was new seed this year. I am assuming Park's source had a cross last season.

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Interesting, interesting!

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Well. I found another seedling; this time growing out of a 3x6 inch crack in a concrete ledge in the middle of this bed where gas tank stands used to rest. So it is definitely spreading by seeds.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Surprises are nice. Do you have baby columbines?

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