anyone live near California University?

pattygrow5(z6Pa)August 6, 2005

I am going to band camp there as a chaperone for my daughters band I will have some down time would love to visit someones garden but only if you are close and I can walk don't drive LMK. patty

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I live 2 minutes from there, and I also work there (went to school there too LOL). My garden is not really worth visiting, though, it does not have a design to it. It's just a big mass of perennials and a few annuals. :)

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I understand that there is a demonstration garden on the campus at CU. Some of our Master Gardeners have done hours there working in that garden. Don't know the exact location but the campus isn't that large, maybe someone could direct you.

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Yes, the demonstration garden is in the center of campus, in front of Noss Hall. That one has been there several years. I also recently noticed a new one being started at the back end of the chemistry building (New Science building).

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Update: this campus is a disaster. The original demonstration garden is now gone. The 2nd one still exists though, near New Science. They tore out a great row of spruce trees that used to be nearby, where lots of birds used to spend time :( they also tore out a planter wall I used to enjoy, near New Science.

The campus is a wreck (10 million construction projects going on) and they started a lot of it just this past week, days before school is about to open again. Dumb.

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