Did you lose many plants this summer?

christie_sw_mo(Z6)September 20, 2012

I lost my Pink Champagne currant which is frustrating because it made it through last summer's heat and I was hoping it would be big enough to bare fruit soon. I planted it Spring 2010. Last year it lost its leaves in late summer but returned this spring. This time the whole top of the plant has died and broken off so I think it's gone.

I lost a 'Forever Pink' hydrangea that I'd had for several years. It was a compact hydrangea so maybe not as tough as my others.

My variegated Solomon's Seal is gone but I think it will return in the spring (I hope).

My poor hostas. I'm missing at least a couple completely and the ones that are still alive look awful.

I lost two phlox, a 'Peacock Purple Bicolor' and an 'Orange Perfection' which may have been mislabled anyway. I lost some others that were just volunteers from 'David' in my front flowerbed.

There were a couple silene plants I managed to keep alive through the summer that disappeared after we finally started getting some rain. I assume they rotted. One was a 'Rolly's Favorite' and the other was silene virginica I think. My silene regias are still alive.

I had two viburnum 'Onondaga' shrubs and one of those has been leafless since July or so. I think it's a goner. : (

It was between two other shrubs so maybe there was too much compettion.

I don't have as many coneflowers as I did this spring.

Sad - I lost a dark pink peony that was a start from my late aunt's garden.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

My two little pawpaw trees at the back of our field have one leaf each but are still alive. I only watered those twice since I have to drive water jugs back there in my car.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I hope the peony springs up; watch that spot there may be a little root there. It has been tough keeping plants alive. I have a bad opinion about the mop head hydrangeas. I got some on sale and gave some away, planted two at my friend's house and a few here. Mine only survive if they are right in front here where I have pots to water. At my friend's house all summer they were wilted everytime I looked at them. After a while a wilted plant is like having a crippled chicken running around, it just makes you feel bad.

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

Looks like I lost 2 of Mother's old hydrangeas, and a couple odd perinneals from Botany Shop I had never heard of. The phlox I thought I had lost are almost all coming back with small green leaves. The roses in the circle bed don't look great, but I didn't lose any. The creeping phlox that I bought more of this year looked great all summer and has now doubled in size. Lost a few groundcover fancy ajuga and petunias. All the tall Mexican morning glories thrived, so next spring, anything with "Mexican" in the name will get bought and planted. I wished, along about the middle of July that I had a lot more marigolds, gallardia, celosia. Hostas and astilibes just didn't do well.

All in all, the heat was really hard on everything, wasn't it? Hope summer of 2013 is better!

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I am not going to give up on anything until next spring. I do see iris sending up new shoots, two clems have lonely single blooms. I intend to cut them all to the ground next spring and see what happens. I see no sign of my Sarah Bernhardt peony but hope it will come back from the tuber next spring. I bet yours does too Christie.
My hosta bed looks like the Sahara Desert; who knows?

My accidental gly-4 spraying may have killed more than the drought!

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