Help! Is the seedling suppose to be this way?

plantsofheaven(PA/18088)March 6, 2006

My edulis passiflower just came up and it does not have any leaves, it is just the stem part that came up. I will show a picture if you would like. Please, if anyone has a picture of what it looks like right when it comes up please post it here or give me a link. Is it suppose to have leaves right away because how would it survive? Could it be the root that came up because the seed was planted the wrong way? Thanks everyone. This is my first seedling and would appreciated any help or tips.



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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

I'd wait, as long as the stem is green, photosynthesis is occurring. There is no way that what has arisen from the soil is the root (gravity dictates which way roots grow).

The leaves will not likely resemble mature passionflower leaves right away (well, once you get leaves). You will likely start getting tri-lobed leaves after the plant has a few non-lobed leaves.

Best of luck.


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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

It doesn't matter which way the seed was planted- As mentioned above gravity tells the seedling which way to send it's parts.

How big is it? It should have 2 leaves when it's about an inch tall or so, but some of mine sprout & still have the 'sack' from inside the seed on those leaves so it looks like a little stalk with a brown lump on the end. Sometimes I have to slit that 'bag' with a razor to help the first leaves develope, byt be VERY careful if you ever have to do that as if you damage the plant at that stage, that's it. All over. Dead.

I'd guess tho if it's under 2" and has no leaves yet not to worry. Give it time. If you're wondering tho, here's some caerulea seedlings:

They're 3 or 4 days old if I remember right.

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Thanks everyone! It has leaves and I have 3 incarnata passion flower seedlings come up. I am so happy:) Thanks guys.

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