Strange P. incarnata deficiency? Mycorrhizae?

Celastra(10a)March 11, 2013


I got given this seedling which basically hasn't grown since I got it 1-2 months ago (I'm in the Southern Hemisphere, so its summer here, it should be growing!) - all its done is get slightly yellower :(

Symptoms: yellowing older leaves, red margins of leaves, malformed growth, small brown spots on older chlorotic leaves, halted growth.

Any ideas?

For those who want to read the details:

It came from a friend who only uses top quality potting mixes, since receiving it I've tried all sorts. I repotted it into more free-draining mix and given it a range of fertilizers (avoiding giving it too much); I've given it blood & bone, manure, seaweed, fish emulsion, and dolomite lime (balanced with sulphur to avoid basifying the soil). No results to speak of yet.

I've also contemplated the possibility of this being caused by improper soil microbioata, possibly a lack of PGPB and/or mycorrhizae (due to being far outside of its natural range).

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It's a weed, so maybe the mix it's in is too rich. Plant it in some top soil and see what happens.

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