Sabal palmetto seeds germinating easily!

va_canuck(8A)January 29, 2009

On a whim I grabbed a bunch of seeds off of a sabal palmetto (cabbage palm) in northern florida at Christmas time. Cleaned off the outer shell and tarry black coating to get the clean nut inside - I got about 80 seeds. I put 3 in each peat pellet and put the peat pellets in chinese food containers in a cupboard with a desk lamp (continously about 95-100 degrees).

I was just simply hoping a few would sprout. Now it's been four weeks, and most of them are sprouting.

I realize this may be lame to some who do this all the time with great success, but I am all giddy over it. Yes, I know that they badly need bigger homes already... I will move them into 1-gallon pots this weekend.

Here's a seedling

here's where the magic happens

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It's a really cool feeling, isn't it? I have Sabal palmettos now grown from seed I picked up while walking through Charleston, SC five years ago. I will be long gone before they develop any height to speak of (Trachys are much quicker in that regard), but they're approaching knee-high in the garden right now, and are fun to watch. I have 18 Sabal minor seedlings under lights in the garage right now from seeds that "fell" into my hand when I was leaving the parking lot at the VA Zoo in September of 2007 - they're even slower growing, but fun to watch, nonetheless.

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Don't you just love those peat pellets! They realy simplify germination. Just one catch the roots of that sabal get long so make sure as soon as you can to transplant them just pick the peat pellet up and put it in more soil congrats !

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Sabal's germinate like crazy here and you will find them growing everywhere there is dirt.

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that is great! I have yet to try sabals and would really like to. Not trying to be a moocher, but does anyone have any sabal palmetto seeds they are willing to part with - I would pay for shipping :)

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