Need info on Lady Margaret

stephanotis_1(8b AZ)March 12, 2008

Last year some time I bought a Lady Margaret that was blooming. I potted it up and babied it along through the summer so it didn't get too hot, babied it some more when the temps dropped to freezing, protected it from extremes, watered sparingly, fertilized sparingly again. It is now out in the sun enjoying our spring and has put on some growth, but no buds or blooms. I did re-trellis it recently to get more air flow through the foliage, had a little breakage but nothing big. What am I doing wrong? I read that this cultivar is ever-blooming, and it hasn't bloomed in the almost year that I have had it. Is it just concentrating on root growth, or is it something else? Am I being too hasty in thinking something is wrong, and just wait it out? I haven't put it in the ground yet because I need to wait until our landscaping is moving along, so for now it lives in a big pot I can move around.

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I've had LM for a few years and grow it in a container, wintering it over inside. Mine doesn't start putting out a lot of blooms until it's warm 24/7. It does get shade in the late afternoon and seems to like more water then many of my other passies.

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