burning bush's leaves are falling off

cleanqueenAugust 15, 2008

I've had my burning bushes in for the second summer now. All of a sudden in the last week I noticed toward the back and bottom of the bush the leaves are turning brown, drying up and falling off. I don't see any bugs on the leaves. Is this a fungus maybe? What could be causing this and what can I do before all I have left is just a bare bush? Last summer all of my hollys got a fungus that about killed them. I sprayed them with Mancozeb and it straightened them out. This year they are healthy, with alot of new growth and thriving. I wonder if my burning bushes have a fungus?

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Sorry to hear about your burning bushes, cleanqueen. I'm sorry I can't offer any help, but I feel your pain. Our Callery Pear has suffered from something this season, and is dropping its leaves super early. I can tell you we had an arborist out for a consultation, and they are very helpful at telling you what's going on with your trees and shrubs.
Good luck!

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If the leaves look like they are fading/loosing their green color and then falling off, it is probably spider mites. Spider mites are very hard to see - even with a magnifying glass. They like it hot and dry and typically the hottest, sunniest side of the plant will have the problem first.

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Mike Larkin

shake leaves or branches over white paper - if it is mites they will show up.
Before you take action - maybe it just needs water. Plants will react to stress as a result of drought by droping leaves. Is this in a location that has lots of sun?, is there a nice layer of mulch? It has been dry here in central PA - have you done any additional watering?

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