incarta or insence?or neither....

passioncrazyMarch 23, 2008

hi all!

ok im confused to as which one this passi is...ive had it for a long time and always though it was insence...but now im doubting this....after researching the net and seeing picture im not sure anymore....please could somebody tell me what kind this is here are just a few more photos it only seems to bloom in spring and summer...very vigorous grower and strong smelling any suggestions would be appreciated

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

I'm leaning towards Incarnata, but I could tell better if your pics showed the stems of the leaves better. There are two bumbs on each leaf stem. These bumps are right up against the leaves on Incarnata and further down the stem on Incense.

Incarnata's flowers are also generally smaller, 3 inches rather than 4 or so for incense. My Incarnata puts out 3 and 5 lobed leaves, but 3 is generally the norm. Yours seems to have the 5 lobed leaves as well.


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yeah the bumps are futher down the stem rather then against the it must be incense right...its not maypop is it to dark to be is self pollinating i get fruit from like every flower its amazing....the flowers are between 3 and 4 inches...and yeah i get 3 and 5 leaf so i dunno...very strong smell almost like lavender but very strong

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if it helps at all i get a ton of runners my futherst yet is like 40 feet away from the mother plant...find new ones everyday do incarta and incensce both do that?

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To confirm it is P. 'Incense'. See link for comparison of it with P. incarnata.

Here is a link that might be useful: Passiflora incarnata

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jblaschke(8b TX)

I'd say it was "Inspiration," which is a tetraploid hybrid duplicate of Incense. The plants are very similar, but the flowers of Inspiration are somewhat darker in color than Incense (which appears to be the case in your photo) and the flowers also reflex more, giving them a convex appearance (again, this appears to be the case).

Inspiration also doesn't have the latent virus that infects Incense. The virus manifests itself as yellow splotches on the leaves when the plant is stressed. If yours has never shown these symptoms, then it's probably not Incense.

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I had not realised that you had P. 'Inspiration' in USA so jblaschke may well be right. Also if you do have the tetraploid I would expect the foliage to have different characteristics e.g. more vigour and thicken leaves with more prominent main veins than P. 'Incense'.

Here is a link that might be useful: Passiflora tetraploids

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I say it's p. Incense. The flower looks identical to my Incense, and look at the flowers on tetraploids and incarta -- totally different. Don't know the names of parts of the flower, but look at how much squiggly those long hair-like things that radiate out from the middle are on p. Incense than on the other two.

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Looks like Incense to me.
Here's my Incense -

And here's my p. incarnata -


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jblaschke(8b TX)

For comparison, this is Incense:

And this is Inspiration:

Personally, owning both, I'm pretty sure it's Inspiration... although come to think of it, there's no reason it can't be Temptation or New Incense, all of which are attempts to emulate the original Incense without the latent virus. I'll wager any amount of money that it's not incarnata, though.

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