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bulldinkie(pa)August 16, 2013

We had a military looking helicopter fly that low at our home the painters working here saw the guys face they said he had a rifle at his side, he was holding.They also said there seemed to be a plane too.They said he flew around and around till they got near the guys and seemed to be landing????
I went to dialysis same thing happened to 2
nurses living in different towns.Has anyone see this or know whats up?This is scary.The one nurse screamed she said it looked like it was gonna crash into her house.3 people called police they said they know nothing.Its in littlestown,gettysburg,spring grove area all are in Pennsylvania.

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We used to have a facility near us treating sexually abused youth, among other problems of theirs. Occasionally one would escape and the result was what you describe.

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You do realize that low flying helicopters have been used to seek out growers of pot.

Several Summers ago, I had this low flying copter hovering over my back yard. It freaked me out. I called the police and they said they knew nothing.
I am convinced that they investigated due to my extensive outdoor gardening. I also grow a lot of tropicals under artificial light in Winter. No drugs...more like bananas, bromeliads, and palms! Am convinced an idiot neighbor whose brat broke my window then refused to admit to it, phoned in a tip.

After that, I recall once going to the garden center to purchase plant grow lights. The jerk owner asked me if was for growing pot. I was not amused.
He must have been a pot head himself to assume that!

Feel better how our government is protecting us?!

Here is a link that might be useful: Low flying coptersin the 'burbs.

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No no pot here.I don't smoke anything.

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