P. negradenia

lalameija(8 oregon)March 28, 2009

Does anyone have hardieness information on P. negradenia? I saw somewhere that it is hardy to zone 8a, which would be wonderful. Any other info would be helpful to, as I havent quite pinned down what this plant likes.

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I have had great luck using google's large library to help answer many questions for me.
First, you have to join google by getting an email address from them. Mine is ginodiavonti@gmail.com Keywording "google gmail" should get you there. Then keyword 'books.google.com' If you've logged into your email and used your password, you'll be able to do book searches there, in your case...'passiflora', etc. Save the books using only a nickname, (because you're logged into google and they know it, so no new password stuff ;) Good luck!


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