Look like blackberries but on a tree!

dianezone7okMay 15, 2005

My husband spotted a tree on our land that has a trunk about 3 inches in diameter, and stands probably 15 to 18 ft tall. Each branch is long and skinny like a cane on a berry plant, and they have lots of red berries that are starting to turn black. They look like blackberries, but are not very big, maybe 1/2 the size I'd like a blackberry to be. Flavor wasn't much either, to be honest. They sure turn your hands purple if you get juice on you! No thorns. Anyone know what this is?

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skeetermagnet(z7 Okc/Edmond)

I know exactly what you are talking about. I have them too, but I don't know what they are. I do know that the birds around here really love them. My car gets turned purple for a while. Yuck!

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Mull berries. They are good to eat.Or make wine with them.

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Mullberries can come in white, red, or deep dark purple.
They are realy hardy tres, too. In fact, do not plant one where you might possibly every want to get rid of it as it will come up from a stump or remaining roots like a dense shrub.
Birds do love them, though.

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littledog(z7 OK)

Your title reminded me of my grandson. We picked him up late on a Friday night to spend a weekend with us last year. Early the next morning, I had to run an errand in town, and since he was still asleep, I left him with my daughters. When I returned, he ran out to meet me, dressed only in a pair of shorts. He'd obvioulsy discovered the Mullberry. His fingers, feet and face were stained purply black and he said "Nana! Did you know you have a BERRY tree?"

They're not as tart as blackberries, but still good enough to eat out of hand. Kids love them because they don't have to be washed and they're easy to reach. they do make a great jelly either blended or straight. I haven't tried making wine yet, but would like to this year.

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Mullberry trees bring back fond memories. When I was growing up a mullberry tree grew at the corner of our house. It had smooth bark that made it a fine climbing tree, large leaves that provided nice shade, and, of course, the berries. Mother cautioned against eating the berries since they were probably wormy. We, and the birds, ate the berries and I never saw a worm. The branches to the tree were long and supple. We could crawl to the end of the branch and it would bend and lower us to the ground. Occasionally we would climb too high and have to be "talked" down. The birds plant lots of mulberry trees in my yard now, and I'd have a mulberry orchard if I let them grow.

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goneriding(z7 Oklahoma)

I just found one of these trees on our property - right in my front yard. Yummy, although a little hard to get to.

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i have a huge blackberry tree in my backyard. i haved lived here for 8 yrs. i knew i had a tree, but i had not noticed the fruit until now. the fruit is ultra sweet and juicey. no one that i have talked to thinks that it is mulberries. they say that it has to be a bush. i have read that blackberry tree fruit is highly saut. is there any info anyone can give. who to contact or consult?

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I still think it is a mulberry tree. Everyone I've ever known who thought they had a blackberry tree eventually found out it was just a mulberry tree. You might want to post this question at the Fruit forum. They probably will want you to describe the tree, esp. the size and shape of its leaves, and might prefer to see a photo in order to make a proper I.D.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fruit and Orchards Forum

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It's got to be a mulberry tree...I love them! I've just started noticing the ones around my neighborhood...because I see the sprinkling of dark berries in the street. I'm thinking I need to be out walking more :)
My brother and I used to climb the tree on our 4 acres (smack dab in the middle of OKC) - we'd string old sheets up to catch the berries (we let the OK wind do most of our work!!)...then mom would make us a mulberry cobbler. We honestly didn't even take the time to pinch the stems off either. Good stuff with vanilla ice cream!

Just 'cause it's "my thing", I believe that it's spelled with only one L...mulberry, not mullberry...but we all know what we're talking about anyway :)

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I think the leaves are just beautiful on our wild mulberries - the deepest green of any tree around. I spent a few hours scouting the underbrush on our 150 acres last fall when the other trees and shrubs were starting to look bad. The mulberries were still perfect looking and easy to spot through all of the brush from a distance. I found about 40 of them, mostly a few inches in diameter and pretty near and under the canopy of the large pecans, in the heavy underbrush. I marked them with marking ribbon so I would not cut them during the winter. I am not brave enough to fight the ticks and ivy during the summer to check the berries. The one large one we had that was accessible was 3/4 destroyed by the ice storm.

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Old timers used mulberry wood to make mallets, because it doesn't split very easily.

I believe the roots and inner bark were used by homesteaders to make a nice yellow dye.

In NJ, a generation or more ago, they tried to start a silk industry and grew many mulberries. I have fond childhood memories of "pigging out" on those berries. We should get one going here on our homestead. They do grow rapidly. I'd love to have one growing where our poultry could pick up the fallen fruit. It would be a great dietary suppliment.


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I have one near the fence row of our place. It only overhangs into my yard. The deer love it, but my husband trimmed it a bit so I could mow easier and the deer don't hit it as hard anymore. If I can get time this week, I will see if I can spread a tarp or sheet and shake a branch. My kids got into them over the weekend and brought me back maybe a cup : ) along with lots of purple skin. I don't know how many or much it will take to make a cobbler, but I'd like to try. I'm very cooking challenged, so we'll see. I used to pick dew berries when I was a kid and my mom would fix them up for me. They were fabulous or at least that's the way I remember them.


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mulberries come in sexes--male trees flower and pollinate the females which bear fruit. It takes both to get fruit. So if you find a mulberry that doesn't fruit, look around for its female Mother and leave it alone. Persimmons are the same. Dorothy

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yep Mulberries Have 3 big trees in yard.

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It is growing out of a peach trees. They are not long like long like mulberry ..

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I just found this tree....never saw fruit on it before...the trunk is at least a foot in diameter.....the berries are red and black..look like blackberries...birds are feasting!

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Came up on this site trying to find out about this tree, that grows like a shrub. 20 feet tall. Never seen one before and I know my native trees. The owner calls it a Russian blackberry and knows nothin about it. Berry are tasty butt a bit bland. A neighbor made good jam but the berry stem was troublesome. Berries look like big black berries, red,turn black, tree is loaded with them, there all over the ground and the birds love them. What is it?

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