balconygardener(z6NY)March 5, 2005

Is it time to begin fertilizing passies? I'm bringing mine outside about in mid-May, so I'm not sure if I should "wake" it up now...

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

I give mine diluted fertilizer every time I water- Miricle grow at about 1/4th 'normal' concentration.

When I get them all outside on the timed watering system I've got one of those filter / fertilizer set-ups on the line- it has a screen to filter the particulates & a space for fertilizer "pills". I get the 'pound it into the ground' tree fertilizer stakes, cut them in 1/2 on the band saw & place them in the filter. That way everyone gets a little in the water every time.

They seem to like it- I had 2 caeruleas go from 2' high to covering 50' of wall in 4 months. I hung 'bird net' on the wall... They grew so fast it was almost like I could see them moving.

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MyGirlFriday(z7 TX)

Is that just the regular Miracle Grow??
Just wondering~


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