Encouraging bloom?

ABQ_Bob(USDA 5a/SS 2A)April 6, 2006

I've had a Caerulea for about 4 years, and it only bloomed the first year it was in the ground. It dies to the ground in Winter, but always comes back (very) vigorously in Spring and quickly covers an archway - it's already sending up several shoots, but it hasn't bloomed since year 1.

What's wrong? It gets quite a bit of sun (SE exposure) and regular water - very active growth, but no flowers. It's in a fairly dense planting near my front door, so it's competing (successfully) with an over planting of daylillies and irises, and a lilac bush off to the side. I put it there 'cuz I thought it would help it flower to have it's roots in severe competition.

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hgalindo(8B Houston)

I'm no expert but it seems like I read that passionflower vines need a little stress to bloom. That if you keep them in very fertile soil, they'll grow leaves like gangbusters but won't flower. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong in this understanding.

That doesn't really point to a solution but it's a place to start. I'm keeping mine potted for that reason, but this is only year 2 after starting it from seed last year, so I don't know if I'll get blooms or not.

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Sunlight or bright light is what they need to bloom - the more light, the stronger the plant, the more blooms!

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